The Utah Women Continue to Slide as the Men Bounce Back


Abu Sufian Muhammad Asib

The Utah women’s tennis head coach Ric Mortera congratulates the players for winning against New Mexico State University in an NCAA dual meet at the Jon M. Huntsman Tennis Center on Feb. 4, 2021. (Photo by Abu Asib | The Daily Utah Chronicle)

By Elijah Murray, Sports Writer


The University of Utah women’s tennis team faced Cal State Fullerton and Loyola Marymount last weekend while the men’s team had a Pac-12 weekend against Oregon and Washington. 

Utah Women vs. Cal State Fullerton

The Utah women faced Cal State Fullerton away on March 26. The matchday started with doubles as Utah’s Emily Dush and Anastasia Goncharova lost to Fullerton’s YuSeung Suh and Natalie Duffy 4-6. 

Utes Linda Huang and Madison Tattini pulled it back as they beat Fullerton’s Eira Tobrand and Camila Garcia 7-5. Anya Lamoreaux and Lindsay Hung of Utah came through as they beat Fullerton’s Juliette Daries and Kaytlin Taylor 6-4, securing the doubles point for the Lady Utes.

With the doubles point in Utah’s possession, the Utes started singles strong as Huang beat Suh 6-3 in both sets, but Dush lost to Duffy (3-6, 2-6). The losses continued as Goncharova lost to Tobrand (2-6, 4-6) and Lamoreaux lost to Taylor (2-6, 4-6). Hung broke the streak as she beat Daries (6-4, 6-2) but it wasn’t enough as Tattini lost to Garcia in a three-set match (6-3, 1-6, 5-7), giving Fullerton the singles point and the win. 

Utah Women vs. Loyola Marymount

After moving to 13-6 on the year against Cal State Fullerton, the Utah women faced Loyola Marymount on March 27. Dush and Madeline Lamoreaux won the first doubles match of the day against Marymount’s Eva Marie Voracek and Ulyana Shirokova 6-1. However, Marymount went on to clinch the doubles point as Huang and Tattini lost to Marymount’s Wiktoria Rutowska and Isabella Tcherkes-Za 2-6, and Hung and A. Lamoreaux lost to Marymount’s Veronika Miroshniche and Stefania Rogozinska 2-6.

The Utes couldn’t get any sort of traction as Loyola Marymount swept singles. Hung lost to Rutowska (2-6, 5-7), Huang lost to Miroshniche (6-7, 2-6) and Dush lost to Voracek (5-7, 2-6).

With the defeat, the Utah women moved to 13-7 on the year accruing their fourth consecutive loss. Looking to find their early season form once more, the Utes would go on to face Oregon at home on Friday, April 1.

Utah Men vs. Oregon

The Utah men faced Oregon at home on March 25 at noon. Starting the day off with doubles, Utah’s Francisco Bastias and Bruno Caula beat Oregon’s Youssef Kadiri and Ivailo Keremedchiev 6-0. Securing the doubles point, Utes Franco Capalbo and Geronimo Espin beat Oregon’s Joshua Charlton and Quinn Vandecasteele 6-4. Mathias Gavelin and Jayson Blando of Utah had their match go unfinished against Ducks’ Luke Vandecasteele and Ryoma Matsushita, 4-4. 

The Utah men swept singles as Bastias beat Q. Vandecasteele (6-4, 6-1), Utah’s Bruno Krenn faced Oregon’s Avi Shugar to win (6-3, 6-2) and Espin won against Keremedchiev (6-1, 7-6). 

Utah Men vs. Washington

After bouncing back in convincing fashion against Oregon, the Utes looked to continue the form against Washington. The Utah men faced Washington at home on March 27 at noon. Starting with doubles, Bastias and Caula beat Washington’s Clement Chidekh and Nedim Suko 6-2. 

Capalbo and Espin clinched the doubles point as they beat Washington’s Brandon Wong and Jack Davis 6-3. Gavelin and Blando had their match go unfinished against Washington’s Cesar Bouchelaghem and Ewen Lumsden, 5-2. 

The Utes yet again swept singles as Krenn beat Suko (7-5, 6-4), Gavelin faced Bouchelaghem, winning (6-4, 6-3) and Espin beat Lumsden (6-2, 6-4). 

The Utah men bounced back mightily this weekend against another set of Pac-12 opponents, moving to 18-4 on the year. The Utes will be in Arizona next as they face the University of Arizona on April 8 at 3 p.m. MDT and then go on to face Arizona State on April 10 at 2 p.m. MDT.


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