Reynolds: My Experience at the Chronicle Was An Insightful Happenstance


Drew Reynolds (Courtesy Drew Reynolds)

By Drew Reynolds, Arts Writer


As I finish up my last semester here at the University of Utah, I did not think I would be writing for the student newspaper. After multiple internships fell through I found myself applying for an open position on the Arts Desk. Little did I know this short application would completely change my senior year. 

These last two semesters I’ve been writing for the Daily Utah Chronicle I’ve found myself more plugged into the local art scene than ever. From attending gallery openings to reviewing international film festivals, the Chrony has helped me connect with and find appreciation for the art scene of the town I’ve grown up in.

Something that will stick with me from my time here is the new way of writing about the arts this year has exposed me to. The more experience and narrative-based approach to writing was challenging but rewarding for me. I’ve gotten used to writing about art in analytical and precise ways as an Art History major, so this new more creative approach to writing has been a nice shift. 

I was also pleasantly surprised by how empowering this whole experience has been. To be able to turn my passion for talking about art into published articles for a newspaper was beyond validating for me. To see my name and work on a real printed newspaper for the first time was surreal. With this off-white newsprint, I could finally show my somewhat concerned parents what I could “do” with an Art History degree.

I’ve also picked up a new passion for digital design. While working at the Chrony my first semester, a spot opened up for an Arts Contributor to write for the Social Media Desk which I instantly ran for. While it was a little intimidating at first, writing quippy social media posts and designing eye-catching images, I soon fell in love with it. 

Working at the Chronicle over the past year has been an amazing and empowering experience — one that I will look back on fondly for the rest of my life. While I might have wound up writing here by happenstance, I would not have had it any other way. I have learned so much about the local art scene here in SLC and the empowerment that comes from writing. The Chrony helped me find my voice and for that, I will be forever grateful. To everyone, whether they’re graduating with me or just starting at the Chrony, thank you for making this such an amazing experience! 


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