‘Harry’s House’ Invites A Vulnerable and Energetic Listening Experience


Claire Peterson

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By Whit Fuller, Arts Writer


Harry Styles’ third album Harry’s House” is a surefire candidate for one of the best albums of 2022 — showcasing Styles at his best and most vulnerable.

‘Harry’s House’

Styles has been on an upward trend since “As It Was” debuted at number one in vinyl sales just days after its release. The track has also become insanely popular on social media and radio, making it a hard one to miss. This single created an undeniable hype for “Harry’s House,” released May 20, 2022, ushering in a new era for the singer.

“Imagine it’s a day in my house, a day in my mind,” Styles told host Zane Lowe during an interview.

Merging some of the groove of its predecessor “Fine Line,” this album delivers equal parts honesty and aesthetic appeal. Full of catchy tunes, riffs and beats, “Harry’s House” ensures it stays on the listener’s mind. The album also echoes back to Styles’ debut self-titled solo album and track “Sign of The Times” with its frank discussions of relationships and imminent hardship.

With his past works, Styles has let listeners know that he can write with emotion that translates beautifully via his melodic vocals and flare for dramatically moving instrumental cues. “Harry’s House” lets the singer prove that he isn’t afraid of giving fans a glimpse of his personal experiences and vulnerable creative processes. 

The album is also more electronically and acoustically driven than its predecessors. Where this change in sound can be detrimental to other musicians, Styles is able to pull it off. The shift from energetic and upbeat pop to slower more mindful melodies is a change for the better. 

It goes without saying that this album is alive in a way that Styles’ previous albums weren’t. Styles was able to be honest and experimental with tracks like “Music for A Sushi Restaurant” — an undeniably catchy song that hides intimacy and turbulence under its pulsing electronics and strange lyrics.


“Harry’s House” merges the flare for dramatics and lyrical sustainability of both of Styles’ previous albums to create something new and familiar — like the nostalgia of relationships explored in new songs such as “Little Freak” and “Matilda.”

“Matilda” is arguably one of my favorite tracks and holds some of the most vulnerable songwriting on the album. This track is all about finding family among friends. Furthermore, the song is about learning that it’s perfectly fine to drift away when growing up in a not-so-perfect family unit. 

The Verdict 

“Harry’s House” is definitely a product of its time. Written and recorded by Styles and a small group of close friends — the album has a level of intimacy, nostalgia and awareness that many big records tend to lose out on. It’s allowed the singer-songwriter to further synthesize his sound and provide an experience that will stick with the listener — whether they’re in the mood to deeply connect with the record or just want something to play for a fun night out. 


Rating: 4.5/5


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