S&S and The National Parks Present Southern Utah Second Superbloom Music Festival


(Courtesy Superbloom Music Festival)

By Whit Fuller, Arts Writer


Utah-born musicians The National Parks have teamed up with Sartain and Saunders to bring the second annual Superbloom Music Festival, with all of its fun-in-the-sun celebrations of life, to Hurricane, Utah on Sept. 10, 2022.

SuperBloom Music Festival

Since its premiere in October 2021, the Superbloom Festival has sought to bring an outdoor concert experience with a variety of musicians to a backdrop of red rock in southern Utah.

Billy Eusterman, S&S marketing coordinator, wrote about the process of selecting the venue for the festival. “We landed on Sand Hollow Resort, just outside of Hurricane, Utah. It’s a beautiful resort situated on a stunning red rock backdrop,” Eusterman wrote, “it’s far enough away to be a destination in itself and you’re close to some of the best outdoor adventures in the state.”

The festival takes place near several outdoor locations. Most notably, Utah’s national parks. Whether one is excited by the band of the same name or the destinations known for their views — there are National Parks of both sorts.  

This year’s lineup includes Judah & The Lion, Beeson, The Moss, Birdtalker and others. VIP tickets are available for those who want to attend The Nationals Parks’ Campfire Show on Sept. 9, the day before the festival. VIP ticket holders also get access to front viewing and the festival’s VIP lounge.

These upgrades are part of a substantial update to the festival as a whole. Eusterman shared some of the details on what to expect from the bigger, more evolved Superbloom this year. “Everything is a bit bigger,” Eusterman said. “There are more artists performing, bigger names, and a bigger community of friends to celebrate with. We also have a new location for the VIP Campfire Show at the Sand Hollow Rock Bowl which is something we are very excited about.” 

Uniquely Utah

The collaboration between S&S and The National Parks to set up the festival was an involved one. The group set out to book artists together who they felt embodied the beauty that makes Utah so unique.

Superbloom festival appears to be a destination for those seeking outdoor adventure, music and community while surrounded by the sunshine and adventure of southern Utah. The festival is a uniquely collaborative project between management and musicians. This type of collaboration allows for a creative and professional perspective. It could set a precedent for future festivals to increase the collaboration between professionals and creatives to provide well-rounded experiences that showcase multiple viewpoints.

Whether you’re an outdoor music festival pro, or just someone on the outskirts who wants to celebrate Utah and what life and community can be — Superbloom is likely to provide plenty of opportunities and experiences catered directly to you.

Eusterman wonderfully summed up Superbloom’s intent when he said,  “the thing we want attendees to get out of SuperBloom is an appreciation for all the beauty around them. There’s something indescribable about dancing with your friends under the stars, especially in a place as breathtaking and unique as southern Utah.”   


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