Lizzo’s New Album is A ‘Special’ Reminder to Love Others and Ourselves


“Special” by Lizzo

By Whit Fuller, Arts Writer


Lizzo’s fourth studio album has been six years in the making, and Special” lives up to its name in every way.

A ‘Special’ Tracklist

Lizzo’s songwriting has always been an exercise in vulnerability and love for oneself and others — just look at track “Cuz I Love You” from the 2019 album of the same name. It’s all about trying to love after learning what it means to love, with bravado and beat that keeps that passion honest and new.

If “Cuz I Love You” was a venture into love from a curious and upbeat perspective, then tracks from “Special” like “2 Be Loved (Am I Ready)” and “Naked” are a synthesis of devotion into honest and real depictions of what love looks like for self-proclaimed “big grrrls” like Lizzo when they embrace self-love and adoring others.

“I really believe that love for oneself and for others is what this world needs to be a better place,” the star said on bonus track “A Very Special Message From Lizzo” via Apple Music. “If you can just take the time to give a little love to yourself every single day, treat yourself with respect, treat yourself the way you deserve to be treated and then treat somebody else with that same love and respect? That expands, that grows. And that can save a life,”

The album exudes hope and tenderness in nearly every track — whether it’s love for yourself, someone else or a good night of partying — Lizzo knows all about love and isn’t afraid to show it. 

If You Love Me” is an excellent example of Lizzo’s melodic and strong vocals. She sings honestly about the process of learning to love herself and let herself be treasured wholeheartedly for who she is. “If you love me, you love all of me or none of me at all,” she sings. This lyric is a reminder that while her more popular party songs — “About Damn Time” has been a TikTok trend since the single’s release — aren’t the only ones carrying worthy messages or being heard and felt.

A Feel Good Album

Overall, this album has proven Lizzo’s range as an artist. She can reach into rock roots, rap and deliver pop songs like no one else. What truly sets her apart is her vulnerability as an artist — she is frank about her position as a fat Black woman in many of her songs. “Special” feels like a call for people to love themselves. It sounds like that friend who hypes us up endlessly and is there for us when the tears come.

Lizzo has only stepped into her power as a musician more since “Cuz I Love You” started topping charts and went platinum. “Special” is her best yet and a true indicator of the talent that she possesses to bring love into an industry that should be in awe of her love for herself, her audience and her music.


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