Kid Bloom: Up Close and Personal at Kilby Court


Zach Anderson

Kid Bloom at Kilby Court (Photo by Zach Anderson | The Daily Utah Chronicle)

By Zach Anderson, Arts Writer


As the summer music season comes to a close and the fall begins, concert-goers young and old are amped to see what their favorite artists have in store. Kid Bloom is one such artist, coming back to spread good vibrations with a laid-back California sound from his newest album “Highway.” On his eighth stop of the Highway Tour, it was evident that Kid Bloom is locked to wow every last one of his venues.

With a killer opening act, bumping setlist and radiant stage presence, any fan of indie rock at Kid Bloom’s concert will be feeling sunny vibes even as it gets colder outside.

Kilby Court and All Things Blue

Kilby Court is known among artists and concert-goers alike for being a venue where you can get up close and personal with the artist — if you’re in the front row. The farther back you go, the more you ask yourself, “Why didn’t I just listen to this on Spotify?” Shortly after everyone huddled into the concert garage, All Things Blue took the stage.

In most cases, opening bands aren’t really taken seriously unless you’re at some big mainstream event, but All Things Blue was different. With a haunting vocalist and an upbeat but macabre tone, the band caught my attention and kept it. Their highlight track “Dicking Around” was performed near the end of their set and met excitedly by the crowd. According to vocalist India, the track is supposedly inspired by Edgar Allen Poe, and the bizarre feeling of losing your mind definitely proves this perfectly wrapped in a dream punk bow.

Bloom in the Building

All Things Blue abruptly rushed off stage when they couldn’t find the music sheets for their final song, leaving only room for Bloom. The band slowly trickled out member by member, until four of them started playing the intro to the song “Like I Never Left.” As the crowd chanted, Kid Bloom finally hit the stage. The floor lit up with screaming and dancing. He interacted with the front row substantially; he stole a phone from someone and started filming on it, he twirled a girl in the front row to a lover’s ballad and he gave and received nigh endless fist bumps and waves. Sadly, the back rows didn’t get any love, but regardless, Bloom had the garage in the palm of his hand and knew it.

Bloom’s energy was infectious. Song after song, the audience got rowdier and more joyous. His beachy, indie rock tunes were able to put me at ease and keep the good times rolling. He also played “Sweet Home Alabama,” so you know he’s an artist with impeccable taste and fervor. However, the undeniable highlight of the night was near the end of his hour-long set when he played arguably the best song on his new album “Cowboy.” Even I, a newcomer to Kid Bloom’s work, was screaming the lyrics at the top of my lungs with the rest of the audience.

Kid Bloom gave it his all in Salt Lake City and I expect he’ll be giving every other performance just as much. I will be on the lookout for the next time he rolls into town again. Catch Kid Bloom’s tour dates and merchandise on the band’s official website.


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