Meet Me at ‘Midnights’ to Discuss Taylor Swift’s New Album


“Midnights” (Courtesy Taylor Swift’s Instagram)

By Eliza Delgado, Arts Editor


In early August, after winning music video of the year at the MTV’s Video Music Awards, Taylor Swift announced she would be releasing her 10th studio album “Midnights” on Oct. 21. With many restless nights and anticipation, “Midnights” is finally here and has already broken major records.

Mastermind of “Midnights”

Described in Swift’s words, “Midnights” is an album that contains “13 sleepless nights scattered throughout [her] life.” The pop star is widely known for creating new eras and telling stories about her life in each of her albums, something the Swifties know all too well. The album brings back nostalgia and memories from Swift’s past lovers, friendships, memories and emotions. It also touches on the perception that the media creates of her and her own self-loathing.

Swift worked on the album with producer and longtime friend Jack Antonoff, who had previously worked with Swift on her albums “1989,” “Reputation” and “folklore.”

“Midnights” has an electronica-dream-pop sound that perfectly matches the album’s aesthetic. The first lead single “Anti-Hero” deals with Swift’s self perception and self-loathing. With lyrics “It’s me, hi, I’m the problem” and “I’ll stare into the sun, but never in the mirror.” Implies that she would rather look into the sun because she can’t see her problems, but looking in the mirror she’s forced to face them instead. 

Snow On The Beach” featuring Lana Del Rey, is the only featured track in the album. It is a song about falling in love with someone who is also falling for you at the same time. One can hear the beautiful but haunting melodies from Del Rey, as well as a sleigh bell ringing tunes that reminds you of early Christmas.

One of my personal favorites is the sixth track on the album “Midnight Rain.” The song starts with a disguised deep voice, assumingly Swift’s. The dreamy track contains lyrics of “he wanted it comfortable, I wanted that pain” and “he was sunshine, I was midnight rain.” Swift explains the separating of a relationship due to different dreams the two had although she reminisces about them once in a while. 

She Dominates the Charts So Swiftly

Swift is no stranger when it comes to breaking records on the charts. According to Billboard, “Midnights” has sold 1.2 million units in the U.S. in the first three days of its release week. This figure does not include streams from Apple Music or Spotify and other streaming services. That is a lot. 

It is the first album in five years that has surpassed over 1 million units in the opening week. The last person to surpass this goal was Swift herself with her album “Reputation” which sold 1.2 million.

Minutes after “Midnights” was released Spotify’s app crashed, which isn’t the first time that has happened with Swift. The app had previously crashed when “Red (Taylor’s Version)” was released. Spotify also announced that Swift and “Midnights” are the most streamed artist and album in a single day in Spotify history. 

Swift and the Swifties have proven over time that they are a force to be reckoned with. 


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