Soccer Mommy Performs Latest Album ‘Sometimes, Forever’ At The Depot

“Sometimes, Forever” album cover. (Courtesy of

By Eliza Delgado, Arts Editor


Nashville-based singer-songwriter Sophia Allison, also known as Soccer Mommy, appeared at The Depot to perform her latest album.


Here I am at The Depot, staring at my phone trying to find information on any openers for Soccer Mommy. The lights begin to dim down and the crowd starts to cheer. I look up to see the most attractive group of people walk on stage. I noticed the lead singer wearing a shirt with “TOPS” across it.

TOPS is an indie rock band from Montreal, Quebec. The band members currently consist of David Carriere, Riley Fleck, Marta Cikojevic and Jane Penny, who is the lead singer. With songs like “Hollow Sound of the Morning Chimes”  and “Anything” mixed with a great groove and Penny’s breathless notes, it is hard to not transcend into another world.

To get the crowd dancing, TOPS played one of their most popular songs, “Petals.” With lyrics of “let the petals fall away” and “all I wanna do is call your name,” the song promised a worthy love to a certain beloved.

Soccer Mommy

Allison released her third album “Sometimes, Forever” earlier this year. The record carries a ’90s-alternative-rock sound, and every song was written by Allison herself. This makes me appreciate the album even more.

As the crowd patiently waits for Soccer Mommy, the small cloud above the stage lights up in hues of pinks and purples. Allison and the band begin to play their opening track, “Bones.” The song talks about the internal struggles one deals with while being in a relationship and is a personal favorite of mine. Allison jams out with a sparkly purple electric guitar towards the end of the song which gets the crowd cheering even louder.

With an angelic voice like Allison’s, she is not afraid to perform with darker songs like “Shotgun” and “Darkness Forever” which instantly haunt you and leave you wanting more.

“Do we have any scorpio risings?” asks Allison to the crowd. I hear a few people scream in response. “Oh wow! We have quite a few in here. Well, this is for you.” She begins to play “Scorpio Rising,” an acoustic heartfelt song about trying to maintain a relationship that is no longer working.

What I particularly enjoy about Soccer Mommy is that she engages with the crowd. She took the time in between songs to formally introduce her band as well as to give a round of applause to TOPS.

Allison ended the night with her song “yellow is the color of her eyes,” a song about her mom’s terminal illness. Lyrics include “the white of her eyes is so yellow” and “been choking up truths that I couldn’t swallow.” The crowd and I were not only captivated by Allison’s voice, but the touching lyrics and emotions presented. I not only left the venue still humming her songs, but with amazing energy from her performance.

Check out Soccer Mommy if you’re looking for a new indie artist to obsess over!


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