The Rockin’ Ladies of Boygenius


Boygenius during Rolling Stone photoshoot (Courtesy Rolling Stone)

By Eliza Delgado, Arts Editor


It’s been five years since indie supergroup Boygenius released their self-titled EP and now they are back with three new singles from their upcoming album “the record.”


Boygenius consists of indie singer-songwriters Phoebe Bridgers, Julien Baker and Lucy Dacus. The band first formed back in 2018 when the three artists were on tour together. They wrote and recorded their self-titled EP in the span of four days, which consists of six inducing songs. Bridgers, Baker and Dacus all have a unique style of music that separates one from the other, although the trio have the same power of capturing emotions through their lyrics and haunting voices.

‘the record’

On Jan. 18 the group made a surprising announcement on Instagram about their newest project titled “the record.” Not only did the indie darlings surprise their fans with their album but also graced us with three new singles called “$20,” “Emily I’m Sorry” and “True Blue.” Each song is beautifully sung by each of the members who add a touch of their individual art and personality.

“Emily I’m Sorry” is my personal favorite out of the three singles released. Bridgers takes lead with her angelic voice and guitar riff that has become a familiar trademark from her prior work. With a soft instrumental and beautiful harmonies from Baker and Dacus, you can’t help but feel hypnotized. The song seems to pay an ode to a past lover with heartbreaking lyrics of “you know how I get when I’m wrong” and “I can feel myself becoming someone only you could want.” Not only is the song beautiful, but it also portrays a translucent story and feelings that many can relate to.

“$20” switches to an upbeat punk rock song that reminds you of an early 2000s movie. With Baker taking a vocal lead, she manages to combine this rock ballad with her soft-like-honey voice. With scattered harmonies from Bridgers and Dacus and a screaming yet catchy session toward the end of the song, the punk tune brings out your inner rockstar!

Lastly, “True Blue” is led by Dacus’s calming voice. The song has an airy nostalgic feel that reminds you of a cool summer night drive. Not only are the harmonies from Bridgers and Baker mesmerizing, but the song overall is ethereal. With simple but personal lyrics of “it feels good to be known so well” and “I can’t hide from you like I hide from myself,” the song captures the vulnerability of falling in love with someone.

Iconic Rolling Stone Cover

Not only did the group make a surprise comeback on Instagram, but also on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine. Boygenius had the brilliant idea of recreating Rolling Stone’s 1994 cover of the iconic grunge band Nirvana, where Bridgers, Baker and Dacus all rock a pinstripe. Boygenius is not only paying homage to the rock band but also breaking barriers and stereotypes for many women in music. I can not wait to listen to the rest of their album “the record” out on March 31!


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