ASUU Assembly Representative Found in Violation of Redbook Campaigning Guidelines


ASUU office, Friday, March 25th, 2016, Peter Creveling Daily Utah Chronicle

By Allison Stuart and Caelan Roberts


CJ Reid, former ASUU assembly chair and current representative of the College of Science, was found by ASUU’s Supreme Court this week to have violated Redbook guidelines regarding election conduct. He was subsequently asked to step down from his assembly chair position and has been barred from running in this year’s ASUU election. 

Reid was found to have taken actions that “are not within the bounds of election procedures outlined in Redbook or the elections packet,” according to the written decision published by the court.

He was accused of using a loophole in University of Utah Canvas software to compile a spreadsheet that contained a list of candidate positions and distribute it to candidates, one being Muskan Walia, the presidential candidate on the VKW ticket. This communication was prior to the official “Posting Day,” when such information is made public. Reid’s actions are in violation of several Redbook — ASUU’s constitution — guidelines, including campaign and election conduct guidelines. 

According to the Redbook, “All actions taken by candidates in relation to an election, including but not limited to discussing the elections process, shall be considered campaigning,” which members of ASUU are prohibited from engaging in. 

The court decided Reid did not adhere to these guidelines, as he downloaded, compiled and shared “privileged election information” with “at least one other individual, Muskan Walia, who, like the Defendant, has standing in the election.”

As a result of the court’s decision on Jan. 30, Reid was disqualified from this year’s election. He was also asked to step down from his position as assembly chair by the ASUU Rules Committee as well as other members of the assembly, according to an email obtained by the Chronicle. The ASUU website reflects that he is no longer assembly chair, though he still holds his position as representative of the College of Science.

Reid declined to comment.

In his written statement of defense, Reid stated many campaigns, including the O’Leary, Hair and Karabegovic presidential tickets, were “effectively public information” prior to Posting Day. He stated this was why he shared the information with Walia, to inform her that “her ticket was no longer private and was viewable by all candidates in any electoral race.”

Walia was subpoenaed for the hearing regarding the grievances brought against Reid. She could not be reached by the Chronicle for comment. ASUU rules prevent current ASUU members from making comment to media outlets. The Chronicle reached out to the court for a recording of the public hearing, but was denied access to the recording.

Reid was found to be in violation of four other Redbook guidelines, including the Do Not Assume Clause, which states if a member of ASUU is unsure if they’re allowed to engage in any activities, they should ask an advisor before assuming they have permission to engage in said activity.

The written decision states that Reid “asked for and received guidance from a trusted advisor and did not accept or apply that guidance to his subsequent actions.”

Reid alleged in his defense that the informational breach was brought up in a Rules Committee meeting and dismissed by Ethan Foley, student governance advisor. He added, “no guidance was given” regarding the report on the leak, “either in the moment or in retrospect.” Foley did not respond to comment. 

Reid was found to have violated the Online Activity clause as well as the Obstruction clause of the ASUU Elections Packet. 


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