‘Karma is a Queen’ and It’s Taylor Swift: An Eras Tour Recap


Taylor Swift (Courtesy of taylorswiftweb.net)

By Eliza Delgado, Arts Editor


Read about my experience at Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour and what to expect if you too will be seeing her live!

What to Know

It has been about four months since I scored two tickets to Swift’s Eras Tour back in December. 

I have loved Swift ever since I was in fifth grade when she first released her album “Red.” She has been an inspiration in all forms of my writing, creativity and music. She was even the reason why I bought my first red lipstick and guitar as a kid. The anticipation was killing me and I couldn’t wait any longer to see Swift after my patient years of waiting.

I got to see Swift live in Las Vegas, Nevada at Allegiant stadium along with 65,000 other fans. It is important to note that merch sells out quickly. A specific blue sweatshirt that had become a fan favorite on TikTok and Twitter was selling out quickly. My sister and I stood in line for about five hours waiting to buy merchandise and were actually lucky enough to have the blue sweatshirt restocked just as we made it to the front of the line.

I would recommend bringing a lot of snacks and water if you are willing to wait for merchandise. You can also buy merchandise inside the venue when it opens if you don’t want to wait outside, although lines are still long. I also recommend wearing comfy shoes or bringing backup shoes because you will be dancing and standing for a few hours as Swift did not take one break during the night. 

A Bejeweling Night

As my sister and I made it to our seats, we couldn’t help but adore everyone’s outfits of glitter, cowboy boots and heart shaped sunglasses. The lights began to dim and a mysterious timer appeared on the stage’s screens. The crowd started cheering and we all stood up waiting for the timer to end. A clock appeared and struck midnight, which got the crowd riled up as her dancers came out with beautiful orange and pink parachutes to a montage of Swift singing the titles of all her albums. At this point, my ears were ringing from everyone’s screams, especially my sister’s.

The dancers then revealed Swift underneath the parachutes as she opened up the concert with her song “Miss Americana & the Heartbreak Prince” from her “Lover” album. She was wearing a bedazzled pink bodysuit and boots that made her seem like a real-life barbie doll. I couldn’t help but join the crowd screaming and dancing to the songs all night.

What makes this tour quite different from Swift’s previous concerts is the fact that she performed for over three hours with forty-four songs from all her albums. No matter what your favorite album is, you got to experience a combination with all her albums showcased in one night. Some of my favorites throughout the night were “The Archer” from “Lover,” “willow” from “evermore,” “Don’t Blame Me” from “Reputation,” “All Too Well” from “Red” and “betty” from “folklore.”

Swift also performs two special songs each night, which she doesn’t repeat at other shows. On our night, she performed “Our Song” and “Snow on the Beach,” which had the crowd screaming and singing the lyrics back to her.

Not only is Swift talented in her storytelling through her songs, but in her performances as well. With the amazing costume changes, vocals and personal interactions from Swift you experience a night that is quite unforgettable. It was definitely a dream come true!


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