It’s That Time of Year: Kilby Block Party is Back and Here is What You Should Know


Kilby Court Block Party 4 Lineup (Courtesy Kilby Court)

By Eliza Delgado, Arts Editor


Salt Lake City’s famous music festival is making a return once again on May 12-14. Kilby Block Party unites fans and indie/alternative music lovers to celebrate their favorite bands for a perfect weekend.

What to Know

When it comes to any music festival or concert, you have to mentally and physically prepare yourself for the long day ahead of you. With long lines for food and bathrooms or pushing your way to the front of the crowd or losing your friends within the crowd, it can be quite challenging and hard on your body. I think it is important to know some life hacks before spending your weekend at Kilby Block Party or any music festival in general.

First things first, Kilby Block Party will be located in downtown Salt Lake at the Utah State Fairpark. Traffic might be overwhelming, but there are many options to get there. Of course, Ubering is one way, but if you are looking for a cheaper alternative there is always taking Trax or the buses. You can also carpool with a group of friends if you are willing to drive, but it may be difficult to find parking nearby. Kilby Block Party is running from Friday to Sunday all weekend, so you have the option to participate the whole weekend or to choose a certain day to see your favorite artist.

It is good to know when your favorite artists are performing. Make sure to know what days and times your favorite band comes on so you don’t miss them and save yourself from heartbreak. Lastly, it is very important to stay hydrated and to eat plenty of nourishing food throughout the day. Especially on warmer days, you’ll be walking, standing and dancing almost all day. Your body will need the energy to keep up. You can always bring small snacks in your bag or pockets if you don’t want to spend too much. But also, you will be surrounded by food stands, so you have the option to sit down and rest to regain energy for the day.

There’s an Artist for Everyone

Kilby Block Party was created back in 2019 to celebrate Salt Lake’s longest-running venue, Kilby Court. This will be the fourth year Kilby Block Party has taken place and since 2019, they have had amazing headliners. This year’s headliners are The Strokes, Pavement and The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, who all originally formed in the late 90s or early 2000s.

If you are into more current bands or artists, Faye Webster, one of my favorite artists who combines alternative sounds with folk/country with her soothing angelic voice, is definitely worth seeing. The Backseat Lovers, Alex G, Japanese Breakfast, Caroline Polachek, Pixies and many more will also be performing for the three-day weekend. No matter what, there is an artist for everyone at the festival! If you are interested in attending, tickets are still on sale on the Kilby Block Party website.


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