The Good(will), the Bad and the Ugly: A Local Thrift Store Ranking


Ethan Blume

(Graphic by Ethan Blume | The Daily Utah Chronicle)

By Ethan Blume, Arts Writer


My mom tells me frequently how when she was younger, the kids who thrifted clothes would be mercilessly bullied. That is such a bizarre concept now, considering how popular thrifting has become. I have gone to some local thrift stores and have ranked them on a variety of factors, including finds, price and hit rate (meaning how often there will be anything noteworthy found).

Thrift Store Ranking

  1. Savers

I feel like it has become a cliche to hate on Savers now, at least with the people I talk to, but it has seriously fallen off from its earlier highs. The scalpers have come and made it their praying ground, leaving little for the rest of us. Combining that with how high the prices are (I saw an open puzzle priced for $22) and you can see why they deserve an easy last place.

  1. The Other Side Thrift Boutique

I want to put The Other Side higher because of their wonderful mission statement, but they specialize much more in furniture than clothing, which is our main focus. I have gotten some cool chairs and cheap shoes there, but it is rare I walk out with anything these days. However, if you are looking for some really nice furniture, this is definitely the place to go.

  1. Deseret Industries

The DI is a certified classic. I know a lot of people who still say “Do you want to go the DI” as a blanket statement for taking a thrift run, and that’s because it was a lot of people’s first thrifting experience, myself included. I have gotten so much fantastic stuff from the DI, but lately, they have been jacking up the prices and have not had great stuff. However, after my friends made a backhanded compliment at my coaster collection, I did manage to snag at least 25 more from the DI to really fill our house full. That is what I think the DI is best for, little knickknacks.

  1. Goodwill

People love to hate on Goodwill just like they love to hate on Savers, but it is rare I have had a bad Goodwill run. As a board game collector and enthusiast, I have gotten so many great finds from there, be it “Twilight Struggle” or “The Lord of the Rings” (for $2 each), and have never had any missing pieces. They also always have a good book selection and some fun clothes. Plus, students get a 10% discount!

  1. Assistance League

This is the greatest thrift store I have had the pleasure of visiting. It is impossible to have a bad experience here. The employees are all older, retired ladies who just want to make sure you have a positive experience and come out with some cute clothes. I got a $200 toaster oven for $12 here, along with many other steals. They always have something here, regardless if you are looking for clothes, knickknacks, books or dishes.

I am so glad thrifting has had such a positive resurgence, as there are few thrills as great as snagging a good deal and supporting a charity. In our age of rampant consumerism, giving things a second chance instead of tossing them in a landfill is incredibly important. Support your local thrift store and buy yourself something beautiful.


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