Lee: Bust Out of Your Comfort Zone


Sophie Felici

Linsey Yoonji Lee, social media contributor at the Daily Utah Chronicle, poses on Friday, March 31, 2023 at her favorite place on campus, the Film and Media Arts Building at University of Utah in Salt Lake City. (Photo by Sophie Felicia | The Daily Utah Chronicle)

By Linsey Yoonji Lee, Social Media Contributor


My dear friends often ask me how I could leave the country I have called home for so long and my beloved family without fear. I must confess that I have never had a clear answer to that question. Although, there were times when I longed for the comfort of my parents’ authentic cuisine, just like any other international student. But how could I meet all these wonderful people and experience this journey if I had stayed stuck in my comfort zone?

There is a quote following art majors in South Korea: “Art is a passion pay,” which implies my passion will pay my bills instead of the real money. I chose to be a film major because of that perception, which was my first step outside my comfort zone. Thanks to my choice, I have had the opportunity to wear different hats — from being a director, to an editor spending hours editing in front of a computer to being an actor in front of cameras. 

Despite my passion for filmmaking, I felt there was still more I could do to feel truly rewarded. I realized that I derive immense satisfaction from engaging with people around the world on various forms of creative expression, whether it be films, paintings or writing. That was my next step: becoming a communication major.

Honestly speaking, being a writer in a second language was not the easiest thing. I had to fight the disbelief in myself and revise my writing a thousand times throughout my college years. I had to be more conscious of every detail of my words and evolve through the process. What made me unable to stop was the rewarding feeling attached to the final products.

I joined the social media desk of the Daily Utah Chronicle when I realized it could be ideal for my creativity and passion for writing. At first, I was afraid of readdressing the writer’s intention in my hand. I had to learn how to convert each valuable article into a short and sweet sentence. I could not do that without Madysen Gailey always being supportive and creating a safe working environment for all of us.

During my time in the social media department, I gained more knowledge than I initially anticipated. I made it a point to read nearly every article published since my arrival, and I am consistently impressed by the skill of the writers. This experience allowed me to delve into various writing styles and learn how writers showcase their individual voices in their work. Overall, it was an invaluable opportunity for me to expand my knowledge and hone my skills.

We aim to make copy for each piece of media, expecting more people will engage with the articles daily. I loved making special projects on social media that allowed me to introduce each member of the Chronicle to the followers. Through this project, I felt a deeper connection to our community and gained inspiration for my creative endeavors. I would like to thank Theadora Soter for navigating this journey with me.

At every turn, I had the opportunity to explore a new world alongside influential individuals helping to effect change in our community, one step at a time. I have no regrets about my decision to be part of the U student body and the Chrony team. While there may be more transitions ahead, I am excited to be a part of them and step outside my comfort zone.


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