Graphic Design Students Shine at 2023 Senior Show


University of Utah 2023 Graphic Design Senior Show (Image courtesy of University of Utah Department of Art & Art History)

By Grier Abercrombie, Arts Writer


The University of Utah Graphic Design BFA Class of 2023 students put on their senior show from April 29-30 to share their art in a display of talent and hard work. The show was held at Ember, an event venue located in downtown Salt Lake City. From the artwork itself to the music pumping through the event space, everything came together to create a memorable showcase of these graphic design students’ work.

A Display of Passion

Upon entering the exhibition, I was greeted with energetic music and a view of the students’ art scattered throughout the room. The event space itself, Ember, houses large windows, letting natural light in. The open floor plan also allowed for plenty of space for visitors to make their way through the exhibit. The students’ projects were primarily arranged against the far wall, extending deep into the building, with some pieces displayed on tables in the middle of the room. This created a natural flow for visitors to follow and go easily from one piece to the next. 

“Spread the Love” poster by Sierra Boyer (Photo by Grier Abercrombie | The Daily Utah Chronicle)

This exhibition was a showcase of the culmination of the students’ hard work honing their talent over the years, combined with a display of their passion for art. Each piece was as distinct from the next as the artists themselves — ranging from spreading love to sight inclusivity at the U, from hero journeys to a redesign of Craigslist. It was clear the students took the time to recognize what interested and inspired them to base their pieces on.

Visitors were encouraged to not just observe but also participate. Brittany Lovegrove’s project, “Uncut Gem,” expressed her love for the Wasatch Mountains. She created a publication to highlight the value of the mountains to herself and others in the hopes of emphasizing why we, as a community, must protect natural spaces. Along with the publication, Lovegrove constructed a wall of cards for visitors to write on and detail their own experience with the Wasatch Range.

Excerpt of “Uncut Gem” by Brittany Lovegrove (Photo by Grier Abercrombie | The Daily Utah Chronicle)

Understanding Artists Through the Art

I thought it was wonderful how these students merged their passions with their talents while raising awareness for topics they hold close to their hearts. The exhibition was a show of their genuine love for creating. Art is a product of passion, and this was made evident to me as I walked through the gallery. Each project had its own personality and reflected its artist’s beliefs and values. It was a pleasure to take my time reading about and reflecting on each piece. I felt as though I got to know each artist, even without having met them. 

It was encouraging to see the talent of these students as they’re able to display their passion without abandon. Their artwork was not a shield for them to hide behind, but rather a show of their interests and desires. Art is a vulnerable thing, and for these student-artists to put themselves on display for anyone to see is courageous. 


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