Get Artsy With Clubs at The U This Fall


Mary Allen

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By Audrey Hall, Arts Writer


Finding a new community is an important part of the transition into college, and there’s no better way to do so than to join a club on campus. There are over 500 recognized student organizations at the University of Utah, so here’s a guide to the best-known arts groups on campus.

Performing Arts

The American Choral Directors Association is an RSO designed to “inspire excellence and nurture lifelong involvement in choral music for everyone through education, performance, composition and advocacy.” They meet two to three times a semester to discuss conference information and the socials that they hold.

The president of the U’s chapter of ACDA, Vincent Nguyen, stated that if anyone wants to gain more knowledge on everything choral, or if they love choral music, it would be a great idea to join.

“The environment of the club is very inviting and fun,” he said. “We encourage our members to attend conferences/meetings to network with people within the community.” For more information, contact Nguyen at [email protected].

On another side of the performing arts, there’s the Storytime Improv club. They focus on “rehearsing and performing improvisational comedy and providing a space for newcomers and experienced improvers to practice” in their twice-a-week meetings, said Louis Reed, the president of the club. He encourages incoming first-years to join, as “it has genuinely been invaluable for [him] in cultivating community and friends on campus.” The environment is relaxed, welcoming and, as is important for a comedy club, a ton of fun.

“Join improv,” Reed said. “It can be very scary, not having any form of script can really be an adjustment, but once you get into the flow there’s nothing like it. … I’m incredibly grateful I pursued it and even more grateful that I joined Storytime Improv my freshman year.” For more information, contact Reed at [email protected].

Visual Arts

The American Institute of Graphic Arts has the mission of “connect[ing] the young professionals in the graphic design program at the U,” said club president Sarah Hewitt-Larson. They don’t meet on a definitive schedule, but are sure to include a ton of topics in their meetings, from grant fund usage to portfolio reviews.

“University is a whirlwind and so is finding your groove in your major,” said Hewitt-Larson. “Joining the club can help incoming students navigate the ins and outs of the graphic design program as well as get feedback and mentorship from more senior students in the program.” If you’re planning to study any form of graphic design or if that’s where your passions lie, this is the club for you. For more information, check out their Instagram.

The Salt Lake Animation Club, founded and headed by Claire Rosenthal, was created to make space for fans of animation at the U to come together. They meet once a week to watch animation and discuss it, both from a general enjoyment point of view and a technical standpoint. The club is for both artists who create animations as well as those who just really enjoy the art.

“The club can be a really nice space to talk to people about animation,” said Rosenthal. “Finding other people who share your interests is really nice.” For more information, join their Discord server.

And Much, Much More

There are too many art clubs to name in one article, but if you can think of a club, it probably exists. They go from as broad as the Illustration Club and the Prose and Poetry Writing Club to as specific as the Business Casual Co-Ed A Capella group or the Urvashis Bollywood Fusion Dance Team. All it takes to start an RSO is three students and a passion for what you do. The best way to find and join a club is to navigate the Campus Connect webpage, where every RSO has put their mission statements and contact information. Join a club, make some friends and settle into college life!


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