The MUSS Bus: The Full Utah Athletics Experience


Claire Peterson

(Design by Claire Peterson | The Daily Utah Chronicle)

By Max Lepore, Sports Writer


The Mighty Utah Student Section, or MUSS, was founded more than 20 years ago in 2002. As the winner of ESPN’s 2021 Live Más Student Section of the Year, the MUSS plays a key role in the University of Utah athletic experience for any student. Buying a MUSS pass in the spring is one of the best ways to be involved at the U, and students can make incredible memories while cheering on the Utes with their peers.

One of the incredible opportunities that comes with being part of the MUSS is riding the MUSS Bus. According to the MUSS website, members of the MUSS have the opportunity to purchase a Muss Bus package that includes the bus fare, two nights in a hotel, a pre-game tailgate dinner and seats to watch the Utes take on an away opponent. Registration is only open to U student members of the MUSS, but each member can register one guest as well. The MUSS Bus only attends one football game a year, so if given the opportunity, students should certainly take it.

Irena Weed is a second-year member of the MUSS board who currently serves as one of its vice presidents. As a member of the MUSS, Weed has had the incredible opportunity to ride the MUSS Bus two times. She first went to the Utah men’s basketball Pac-12 tournament in 2022 and then to the Utah vs. Oregon football game last November.

Weed had a great time on the MUSS Bus, describing it as a “truly unique and fun experience.” As someone who attended every single away football game this past season, the MUSS Bus only enhanced Weed’s experience.

Everyone going on the MUSS Bus gets really close to each other and share the love of Utah athletics,” Weed said. 

Despite her attending two events that the Utes ultimately lost, Weed still found the MUSS Bus to be a blast with all of her fellow peers. She loved especially being in the “incredible environment,” and managed to have a great time despite the freezing cold.

The MUSS Bus isn’t just fun, though. Weed shared how it has helped bring her an entirely “new perspective on Utah athletics.”

“Most people only experience Utah athletics at home in Rice-Eccles or the Huntsman Center,” Weed said. “Going to another school or venue really changes the experience of games. You are able to meet fans of other teams who are usually really friendly. You experience traditions for other teams and understand better why fans like their teams.”

Weed found that hotels, transportation and game tickets being included in the price of a MUSS Bus pass made the entire trip much less work. Additionally, she feels the presence of the MUSS Bus can help the Utes in their competitions, as “it brings just enough of that home field advantage to another place.” Being part of the MUSS Bus isn’t just for the benefit of students, but also for teams themselves.

For new students who are interested in getting involved with the MUSS Bus, Weed shared that this year’s bus will attend the Nov. 11 game at the University of Washington. The MUSS also takes a bus to the Utah men’s basketball Pac-12 tournament every year, so MUSS members can look for this opportunity to travel in early March.

Additionally, as the Utah football team has been playing in the Rose Bowl the last couple of years, Weed shared how big events like this may also have buses of MUSS members taken to them. 

Students can sign up via a link that is posted on the MUSS’s Instagram account (@_themuss). Additionally, the “MUSS Read” is sent weekly to student’s Outlook inboxes, so they can look there as well.

One of the greatest opportunities of being a student at the U is being a part of the Mighty Utah Student Section. Attending games, participating in events and developing community with fellow students within the organization can vastly improve one’s college experience. The MUSS in itself provides unforgettable memories, but if you are a student looking for more incredible exposure to Utah athletics, the MUSS Bus experience is just for you.


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