Salt Lake City Ice Cream: Fun Flavors, Shapes and Experiences to Explore


Mary Allen

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By Josi Hinds, Arts Writer


Sticky fingers, sick stomachs and big smiles. Ice cream is a summer staple, but what makes this frozen treat so iconic? The answer is simple. Ice cream is like a blank canvas. Flavors, colors and textures can be mixed, matched and molded to create a sensational scoop. 

So, if you’re looking to explore the potential ice cream holds, here are a few places in Salt Lake City to do so. 

Fun Flavors

Rockwell Ice Cream

Among the homemade mix of classic flavors like cookies ‘n’ cream and strawberry, Rockwell Ice Cream also sells a flavor known as The G.O.A.T.

The goat cheese base is combined with blackberry, lemon jam and almonds to create an explosion of rich flavor cut by the tartness of blackberry and lemon. Unlike anything you might have tasted before, this cheesecake-like flavor is one to remember.

Rockwell’s Muddy Buddy flavor, made of chocolate ice cream mixed with chocolate-covered Chex, isn’t too bad, either.

 Normal Ice Cream

Normal Ice Cream is “anything but ordinary” according to their website. As soon as you take a peak at their menu, you’ll see why Normal Ice Cream is anything but.

Normal Ice Cream comes out with a brand new soft-serve menu every month, featuring six unique flavors. This month’s menu includes flavors like basil, salted vanilla bean + concord grape twist and pretzel.

Alongside these unique flavors, Normal also offers composed cones. These treats experiment with their original flavors by adding a range of different toppings. For example, one cone is called Mama Mia! which consists of their basil soft serve topped with balsamic jam, parmesan crispies and tomato jam A creamy take on the classic caprese.

If you’re looking for a place that really leans into experimentation and new ideas, Normal is for you.

Spilled Milk Ice Cream

Spilled Milk Ice Cream also offers a selection of unique flavors, but not only with their ice cream. Their freshly-made ice cream cones which come in several flavors (and colors), add a new dimension to the classic ice cream cone experience. 

Some of their cone flavors include red velvet, orange creamsicle and matcha. These are used in combinations like the Saturday Morning Cone: ice cream topped with Captain Crunch and Apple Jacks in a matcha cone. 

Spilled Milk isn’t just an ice cream shop, they’re also a cereal bar. With a selection of cereals from Froot Loops to Reese’s Puffs to use as toppings, Spilled Milk adds a fun twist to experiment with.

Signature Shapes

The Penguin Brothers

The Penguin Brothers don’t only make their own ice cream, they bake their own cookies which they use to craft a variety of ice cream sandwiches and a creation known as the Pizookie.

Their Pizookies are made with warm, half-baked cookies and topped with a scoop of ice cream. Some of these flavors include The Breakup, made with warm fudge topped with dark chocolate sea salt ice cream, and S’mores Sunday, made with a chocolate chip cookie topped with s’mores ice cream. 

For a bowl of ice cream paired with the comfort of freshly baked cookies, The Penguin Brothers is the place to go. 

Koi D Bar

Koi D Bar is the place to go for rolled ice cream. Here,  you can watch the treat be created before you eat. You may even have seen this style of service go viral.

Koi D Bar offers rolled ice cream in a build-your-own cup format or in preset combinations. Some preset options include the chocolaty Dream Date cup, topped with chocolate chips and cherries. Or, the fruity Blushberry, rolled ice cream with berry mix-ins and topped with gummy bears. 

In a build-your-own, you can select your base, and mix-ins of fruit, candy and toppings. This means endless opportunities of mixing and matching to tailor to your own palette. 

To add to the fun, Koi D Bar also sells Galaxy Drinks and Boba. 

The Churro Company 

The Churro Company combines the fun of churros with the familiarity of ice cream.

Their selection of churros, which come in mini and normal sizes, are glazed with flavors like cookies n cream and fruity crunch (or you can customize your churro by choosing a glaze and topping yourself). You can choose any of these churros to add to your own cup of ice cream. Their ice cream includes flavors like raspberries and cream cheese, mint brownie and strawberry sundae crunch. 

On top of cups of ice cream, they also offer churro sundaes, and drinks like horchata, lemonade and a mango drink. 

Exciting Experiences 

Dolcetti Gelato

Dolcetti Gelato offers incredible gelato. Flavors alternate, but often include staples like coconut sticky rice, chocolate and pistachio. However, they don’t just stop with frozen goodies. They also offer pastries and coffee. But, more than that, they offer a unique space to sit and enjoy your sweet treat.

The walls within Dolcetti are filled to the brim with odds and ends. Tables encase little cities and globes and chandeliers hang from the ceiling. You’ll notice something new every time you visit. With a collection of eclectic seating to choose from and more than enough to look at while enjoying your treat, Dolcetti is must. If not just to enjoy the unique space it provides.

Doki Doki 

Doki Doki Desert Cafe is a Japanese café that offers a variety of desserts, like Crepe Cakes, Mini Custard Cakes, waffles and of course, ice cream. 

Doki Doki also offers a cozy, comfortable environment to sit and choose from their wide variety of desserts. With pillows to sit on and a giant teddy bear to keep you company this place is perfect for a relaxing, sweet treat. 

When the sun gets hot, or your sweet tooth is itching to be satisfied, get out there and grab some ice cream! With so many wonderful options and new places to try, you really can’t go wrong.


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