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‘Invincible’ Season 2 Adds to One of the Greatest Superhero Stories

Comics contain some of the most unique and interesting stories ever told.
“Invincible” Promo Art (Courtesy of Amazon)


Of all the media I consume, there is one that stands out above all of the rest, at least in my mind. These are comic books. Comics are the very thing that led me to join the Chronicle and the reason I am an English major with an animation studies minor.

Comics contain some of the most unique and interesting stories ever told. The storytellers that bring them to life are nothing short of inspirational. Whether it be Alan Moore, Geoff Johns, Jeff Lemire or the star of the show today, Robert Kirkman.

Kirkman is probably the closest to a household name in the comics industry right now, only being beaten by the legends that are Stan Lee, Steve Ditko and Todd MacFarlane. Even if you have never read a comic book in your life, you have probably consumed something from the mind of Robert Kirkman. This is mainly due to “The Walking Dead” being one of the biggest TV shows in history.

Evil Superman

Invincible,” both the comic and the show, have so many reasons to work, and especially to work together in harmony.

The basic premise follows Omni-Man, an all-powerful being, much like Superman, who is the father of 17-year-old Mark Grayson. Mark is just discovering his powers and learning the ways his father has been abusing his own.

This important, but tense family dynamic is such a good baseline for any story. It works wonderfully in the context of a superhero comic book. The idea of an evil Superman is nothing new. However, it is still incredibly intriguing every time a new piece of media comes out that embraces it, be it “The Boys,” “Brightburn” or “Invincible.”

Much to the benefit of “Invincible” over “The Boys” is the source material. The “Invincible” comics are actually fairly highly regarded and respected compared to the edge-fest that is Garth Ennis’s “The Boys.” I mean no slight to Ennis, as “Preacher” is one of the greatest comic series ever made. Though, even that one was a little tough to read at times.

Pushing the Envelope

“Invincible” pushes the envelope for the stories comic books can tell, but not in an edgy way. Some of the spreads I’ve seen are things I have never seen in a comic before. This includes full-page depictions of the intense gore. Regardless of the mature themes, it seems to work.

The reason it does is due to the genius of Kirkman and the artists that bring it to life. Thank God Kirkman helped develop the Amazon Prime show. The differences between it and the comic are plenty enough to keep even the most seasoned “Invincible” reader intrigued. Yet it also fits in perfectly with the greater story they are trying to tell.

“Invincible” really is a masterclass in how to do an adaptation, especially of a comic book.  Comic adaptations are becoming more prevalent now than before (looking at the recent “The Sandman” Netflix show and how amazing that was).

It is so exciting to see these stories reach a broader audience. I can only hope more people watch the show and then go out and buy themselves the comics.


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About the Contributor
Ethan Blume, Arts Writer
Ethan is a senior in college majoring in English and minoring in Animation Studies. He always loved student media, even back in high school. He spends his free time reading, playing board games and hanging out with his cat, Yoda.

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