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Photo Series: U Students Walk Out in Support of Palestine

Students waved flags, held signs and chanted just outside the A. Ray Olpin Student Union.
Sarah Karr
University of Utah students hold signs and flyers as they sit on the steps of the John R. Park Building in support of Palestine in Salt Lake City on Thursday, Nov. 9, 2023. (Photo by Sarah Karr | The Daily Utah Chronicle)

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About the Contributor
Sarah Karr, Photographer
Sarah Karr was born and raised in Springfield, Oregon, and is attending the University of Utah with a major is communication and a minor in digital photography. Sarah is working with the Chronicle to improve her photojournalism skills and gain some experience in the newsroom. In her free time, Sarah likes to play online games, read and tend to her plants.

Comments (1)

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  • J

    John HedbergNov 24, 2023 at 8:10 pm

    Re-Tweet (edited):

    Dear Global Marxists at the Chronic,

    You are the Oppressors.

    The people of Jewish descent settled the area of Palestine thousands of years before Christ, so they are the natives of Palestine. After the Nazi’s exterminated more than 6 million men, women, and children (much like Hamas “fighters” did to Jewish, Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, and Hindu civilians on October 7th), people around the world donated money for Jewish survivors to buy property in the land (Palestine) their ancestors had been dispossessed from. Jewish people today are European, Asian, African, North and South American and otherwise because they were forced to flee to all corners of the world when their homeland was repeatedly occupied, so there’s now no way to know how a Jewish person looks by sight, which is why Hamas kidnappers, rapists and murderers couldn’t tell that they were also committing genocide against fellow Palestinians on October 7th, as well as against visitors from around the globe, a great many of whom were minorities who were oppressed in their own homelands, but not in modern Israel, where they had equal legal and voting rights, where it was legal to be a woman and still drive a car, and where having a different lifestyle doesn’t target you for murder… unless Hamas or other Marxists happen to go on a genocidal killing spree in the name of an oppression that never happened, when they themselves are actual colonialists in Palestine.

    Israel captured Gaza after genocidal neighbors invaded more than 50 years ago, but in the interest of peace, Gaza was given to the actual colonialists (who call themselves Palestinians, but who are no more Palestinian than the Israelis) almost 20 years ago, and they’ve chosen their own government since then. Despite this, they’ve chosen genocidal terrorists to rule Gaza, which is why none of the Arab states who invaded in their name 50 years ago when Gaza was captured will take any more of these genocidal psychopaths to live in Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, or anywhere else: they bring their poisonous hatred with them wherever they go, and if you build them a school, they turn it into a terrorist training center, and if you build them a hospital, they turn it into a military command compound. Tens of thousands of their own people who’ve renounced jihad live peacefully in Israel today with full civil and voting rights, and many of these were killed October 7th by fratricidal “brothers” who are unwelcome anywhere else in the world, not because they are “oppressed”, but because they can’t be trusted not to have a tantrum and kill anyone who wants to live a life of their own choice that’s different from Marxist hatred, misogyny, racism, and cultural suicide.

    When Arabs and Allies drove the Nazi’s out of North Africa in 1943, nobody said they were committing “collective punishment” against fellow Arabs as they systematically destroyed Nazi tanks, airplanes, munitions, command bunkers, and any genocidal haters who refused to stop shooting at them. Hamas deliberately hides behind its own citizens as human shields, even as it spends the humanitarian aid it receives from around the world for more weapons, more tunnels, and more training for the next murders of innocents they tantrum their way into while talking about a compassion they never practice, and talk about ending an oppression which they themselves perpetuate (as Marxists historically do).

    My own ultra-liberal public school teachers taught Massachusetts students all about who the real oppressors were, not just in Palestine since WW2, but around the world. It’s cultural Marxists waving the false flag of compassion and the “oppressed” who seize power and kill millions of their own family, friends, and neighbors, even as they’ve done across the planet all through the 20th Century and into the 21st. Just ask any friends from Mainland China, Venezuela, Cuba, North Korea (if you can find any), Cambodia, Soviet Europe, or any of the other people who’ve been starved, beaten, raped, murdered, falsely imprisoned, and today have their organs and fetuses involuntarily harvested in the name of “oppression” (the Uighurs). The anti-human genocidal Marxist narcissistic tango dances on, always aided by the very people (like students) who are the first the new government turns on when it seizes power, so it can solidify its grasp and end the ability of anyone else to mount a defense, as they come to your house and force anyone they don’t kill as an example to swear fealty to their new “god”. Have none of you ever watched an interview with anyone who’s escaped, no matter which murderous regime? (Yeonmi Park, for instance?)

    Maybe a group styling itself an “Editorial Board” should open a book occasionally(?) and find out something about the world, and about life, something that isn’t programmed or run by an algorithm whose funders are conveniently anonymous. (Get a clue?)

    Nice photos, by the way~!

    Kind Regards, with Love,

    J Hedberg