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U President’s Office To Stop Use of ‘Diversity Questions or Statements’ in Hiring

Due to recent Utah leadership statements regarding DEI in Utah higher education, the President’s Office told U hiring units to discontinue using diversity statements and questions in job postings.
Marco Lozzi
The John R. Park Building at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City on June 29, 2023. (Photo by Marco Lozzi | The Daily Utah Chronicle)


On Friday, the Office of the President emailed all University of Utah hiring units to “discontinue the use of any type of diversity statements or similar practices as part of their unit-level applicant or employee hiring processes.”

The move comes after recent statements from elected leaders and directives from the Utah Board of Higher Education who plan to phase out diversity, equity and inclusion in the Utah higher education system.

(Screenshot) An email sent from the Office of the President at the University of Utah on Friday, Jan. 5 that instructed all involved in hiring at the U to no longer ask questions about or solicit statements on diversity.

Gov. Spencer Cox said Utah’s public colleges and universities currently require new hires to sign “diversity statements” — statements he named “bordering on evil.”

However, no diversity questions or statements can be made on job postings, and as The Salt Lake Tribune reports, “all of the state’s schools say they don’t have statements applicants must sign.”

In one example of a diversity statement used on a U job posting it said, “The University of Utah values candidates who have experience working in settings with students from diverse backgrounds and possess a strong commitment to improving access to higher education for historically underrepresented students.”

Cox said diversity statements were “very political,” and the Utah Legislature plans to ban their use entirely. 

“​​We’re forcing people into a political framework before they can even apply for a job in the state,” Cox said.

Now, the President’s Office has prompted all university hiring units to discontinue using diversity statements and questioning. 

In the email shared with the Chronicle, the university said they strive for “excellence in education, research, patient care, and service to community … [and they] must have a dedicated team of individuals from every walk of life.”

According to The Tribune, the email was sent to all deans, department chairs and other senior leadership positions at the school who lead the search and hiring processes for new employees.

“We affirm our commitment to non-discriminatory hiring practices and the wellbeing of our patients and campus community,” the email read.

The email noted the Human Resources teams on the main campus and University of Utah Health are available to assist in developing job postings and interview questions to help determine an applicant’s knowledge and abilities to meet aspects of the job’s functions.

“We also recognize that our recent and future successes as a leading public research university will come from retaining and recruiting the students, faculty, and staff needed to reach our goal of becoming a top 10 public research university with unsurpassed societal impact,” the email read. 


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Libbey Hanson
Libbey Hanson, News Writer
(she/her) Libbey is a second-year graduate student in the MPA program studying public policy and administration. She is most interested in environmental policy and social justice issues. You can usually find her in the mountains hiking and skiing or reading and writing at a local coffee shop.
Marco Lozzi
Marco Lozzi, Photographer
Born in Texas and raised by Italian parents, Marco Lozzi grew up with two vastly different cultures. Now a sophomore at the U, he is majoring in communication with a journalism emphasis while also minoring in photography and Italian. He joined the Chrony to gain experience working as a photojournalist for a larger entity. When he's not taking or editing photos, he can be found hitting the slopes, napping, or making pasta.

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  • M

    martineJan 8, 2024 at 11:24 am

    The are 62 full time anti white hate positions at the u of u. Click on this link to see just one un non undiverse hoax undiversity office at u of u. cursor down 4 inches and take a look. This is just one office. https***:// diversity. **utah.***edu/ ***cesb/ [remove spaces and stars to make link functioal]

    They used to have all 62 on one page but it was mocked as a fake diversity scam so they broke the pics down into departments.

  • J

    John HedbergJan 6, 2024 at 1:29 pm

    How many of you out there are BIPOC but have at least one grandparent who’s some North or West European ethnicity? The reason the governor is discontinuing DEI is because during the pandemic, the CDC and Utah DEI-infected health authorities colluded to introduce a policy in which life-saving COVID therapeutics (like monoclonal antibodies and other life-saving treatments) were rationed according to how people looked or identified, just like the Nazi’s did 75 years ago, but this time, if you were pale-skinned, and not enough People Of Color (POC) were taking antibodies (for instance), the CDC and the State of Utah Equity “gurus” recommended denying lifesaving treatments to dying people with lethal co-morbidities if not enough People Of Color also happened to be dying at the same time.

    First of all, the Nuremburg Trials after World War 2 declared that denying or rationing medical treatment based on race or identity is a crime against humanity. Medical care should always go to whichever person needs it, and that’s how human beings prioritize.

    Second, the US was a lot paler 2 generations ago, and most of the people at risk of dying with COVID comorbidities were over the age of 65, so that means a higher percentage of pale people were at risk of dying from COVID. Therefore, if you ration monoclonal antibodies based on a person’s melanin content, a lot of those people most vulnerable to COVID death are left to die for no reason.

    Third, Utah doctors then attempted to ration life-saving medicines by racial appearance and tried to deny care, even though there was enough medicine on hand to help everyone who needed it, because a higher proportion of people with qualifying co-morbidities were pale than were in the general population, and they were being told by the Equity Priesthood to ration life-saving medicine according to strict demographic percentages: if you were pale and dying, even though there was no Person Of Color who needed the antibodies at the time, Utah medical doctors attempted to deny life-saving medicine to sick people who would most likely die without it.

    I personally know someone who identified to the doctors as pale, tested positive for COVID, took a medical survey of comorbidities that showed they were at the highest qualification level for monoclonal antibodies, but doctors still tried to deny this life-saving medicine when they saw how this person looked, even though nobody else needed the antibodies: they would have expired by themselves in 24 hours’ time, anyway~!

    So, I’m BIPOC (descended from immigrants of 3 Latino countries), but I have a Swedish grandparent, which is what makes family reunions so interesting in the US: I have siblings and cousins with light hair and dark hair, lighter skin and darker skin, lighter eyes and darker eyes, and just my family alone ties into at least 10 different ethnicities. I’m not unusual in this Great US Melting Pot: tens of millions of us are also multi-racial and/or poly-ethnic, and you can no longer tell anyone’s ancestry just by looking at them or by hearing their last name. After generations of intermarriage, that era is long gone.

    Quite a few Utahn BIPOC students have at least one pale grandparent whose life the CDC, and Utah Equity’s “Crime Against Humanity health experts”, decided wasn’t worth saving, not because there wasn’t enough medicine, but simply because they looked wrong in the eyes of racist Equity serial hypocrites who didn’t care if people died, as long as they could say with grand false virtue that they kept a certain ration of COVID medicine aside for POC, like the grandchildren of the people they were needlessly condemning to death (murdering) for no reason.

    Reference articles:
    1. “Utah Was Warned Racial Rationing of COVID Drugs Was Illegal. It Did It Anyway” by the Washington Free Beacon, 09 May 2022
    2. “Race-Based Rationing Is Real – And Dangerous” by The Atlantic, 30 January 2022

    Equity is a hate-religion, a church “of discrimination, by discrimination, and for discrimination” which constantly seeks to dehumanize, marginalize, and eliminate any group of human beings that happen to offend this Equity priesthood’s feelings at the moment, all while chanting and having continual meltdowns about how marginalizing and dehumanizing people by race, gender, or other identity is wrong… just not when they do it!! They just tried to murder Utahn grandparents because of their race. Who’s next on their Equity hit list, after they’re done plowing under the Jewish people “from the River to the Sea”? 🤪

    Kindly, with Love~

    • M

      Maximilian WernerJan 8, 2024 at 1:28 pm

      Hello Mr. Hedberg: Thank you for sharing your story and perspective on this issue. I would be interested in talking with you about this and the best way forward in your view. I remember both of the articles that you reference here and others on the same subject. Like you, I found them troubling. Please feel free to contact me at mswerner***@***gmail.***com if you are so inclined. Sincerely, MW