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Change in Orange Shuttle Route Frustrates Students

October 30, 2015

The orange shuttles started a new route on campus Thursday to accommodate people displaced by construction. Melissa Johnson, director of Commuter Services, said the bus, which used to run to the Union, now brings students from Peterson Heritage Center to the loop by the Spencer Fox Eccles Business Building...

Dress Up, Don’t Mess Up: Students Weigh In On Cultural Appropriation in Costumes

October 30, 2015

If you walk into a college Halloween party, chances are you will see a lot of superheroes, Donald Trump costumes and sexy American Indians. While it is doubtful the former two will be offensive, the latter will be. “Halloween is a nightmare for most Indian people,” said Franci Lynne Taylor, executive...

Natural History Museum of Utah Starts Digitizing Dino Bones

October 27, 2015

Want to see a dinosaur face-to-face? The Natural History Museum of Utah is rolling out a new digital program for elementary and middle school students across the state to bring dinosaur bones to life. Research Quest brings models from the paleontology collection into the classroom for students to study,...

Professor posits that punches moved evolution forward

October 25, 2015

Human hands can be used to write, carry a tool, greet someone and punch someone else. While scientists continue to disagree on which action drove the hand to evolve, David Carrier, professor of biology, believes it was the latter of the four. In research published last week, Carrier, with graduate...

U professor and grad student win awards for work in chemistry

October 23, 2015

Two women from the U’s Department of Chemistry won national awards. Luisa Whittaker-Brooks, assistant professor of chemistry, received the Marion Milligan Mason Award for Women in the Chemical Sciences in Washington, D.C. last week. The $50,000 award, presented by the American Association for the...

Get Seeded Program Funds Student Entrepreneurs

October 19, 2015

Got ideas? Pitch them and you might earn some funding. Each month, the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute hosts Get Seeded, a program that awards funding to student-developed business ideas. Over the past three years, Zions Bank has donated approximately $150,000 annually to this Lassonde Institute program....

U Health Care Wants You to “Breast Assured” in October

October 9, 2015

Since October is breast cancer awareness month, U Health Care is hosting a campaign to spread the word. Breast Assured, the U’s first breast cancer campaign, began Sept. 24 and is running until the end of the month, said Lori Bonham, marketing manager of U Heath Care. While breast cancer affects mostly...

New Construction Project to Limit Parking Availability

October 7, 2015

Parking on campus seems to be a never-ending struggle, and with the construction of the new health science parking garage, the battle will continue. Scheduled to be completed by next year, the garage will create 916 stalls but will displace several students, faculty and staff. Construction is scheduled...

U Prepares to Offer Physician Assistant Program in Southern Utah

October 2, 2015

Each year, working as a physician assistant becomes a more popular career option. To increase Utah’s programs, the U is partnering with Dixie State University to offer a physician assistant (PA) program in southern Utah. Classes begin at the satellite campus in St. George in May of 2018, said John...

Student Start-Up “Elevated Designs” Makes 3-D Printing Accessible

October 1, 2015

One YouTube video can inspire people to do many things. For two U students, it led to their own 3-D printing business. During their sophomore year, Adam Rosenburg, currently a junior in computer science, and Mark Andrews, a junior in business management, came across a YouTube video explaining 3-D printing....

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