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Crimson Nights Preview

August 28, 2015

During the first week of school, the Union Programming Council (UPC) hosts an event every day for students to meet new people and get free food. This Friday is the culmination of it all -- Crimson Nights. Beginning at 9 p.m., students can party, dance, go through giant obstacle courses and play giant...

Students look to save on textbooks, despite rising expenses

August 27, 2015

Rising side-by-side with tuition and student fees comes the ever-increasing cost of textbooks. Shane Girton, associate director of the U’s Campus Store, said the average student pays about $500 to $600 solely on textbooks each semester. In his 15 years at the store, he’s seen a steady increase in the price of textbo...

Rocky Mountain Power financially fuels Honors College Program

August 27, 2015

This year the Honors College received a $2,500 grant from the Rocky Mountain Power Foundation to help fund their Praxis Lab program. Originally called "Think Tanks," the labs started about 10 years ago through funding by the university. Each one features a group of students who study a social or political...

Highest-Paying Student Jobs Can Be Found in Transportation and IT

August 13, 2015

At the U, about 3,500 students are employed in student jobs. But who’s making the most dough: the research assistant or the locker room attendant? On average the highest-paying student job on campus is actually with Commuter Services as a vehicle operator, averaging $14.15 hourly. Claire Hacking,...

U Faculty Get Involved in Clean Water Project in Pakistan

U Faculty Get Involved in Clean Water Project in Pakistan

July 2, 2015

The U is partnering with Mehran University of Engineering and Technology in Pakistan to provide clean water solutions for one of the most water-stressed countries in the world. Water is one of the most treasured resources on this planet, and clean water is even more valuable. The U.S. Agency for International...

U Students’ Robot Takes Third Place at NASA Competition

U Students’ Robot Takes Third Place at NASA Competition

June 16, 2015

The Utah Robotic Mining Project went into a national competition without high expectations. They left with a third place medal and $1,000. Last month, NASA held its annual Robotic Mining Competition, to which the U brought a team for the first time. Forty-nine schools participated in the competit...

New Bill Protects Digital Data for Students

May 21, 2015

Sometimes it seems like your computer might know more about you than your family and friends. Due to efforts to collect and share personal data online, digital privacy has become a top concern -- especially for students. Two national legislators may have found a solution. In April, they introduced the Stu...

U Students Bunker Down for Finals

U Students Bunker Down for Finals

April 21, 2015

As finals week creeps up on U students, it is time to stake your spot for a prime study space, whether that’s the library or somewhere else. The Marriott Library does typically attract the most students — about 18,000 on a busy day — with 3,497 public seating options available. Malori Ferran, a...

U Students Beg for Environmental Change

U Students Beg for Environmental Change

April 20, 2015

Six U students will be panhandling this week, but they won’t be asking for money. The Art, Action and Environment class is using their final project to raise awareness about environmental issues. Wendy Wischer, associate professor of sculpture intermedia, who is leading the course, said the goal is to ...

Social Work Dean Retires After More Than a Decade

April 19, 2015

After 15 years, Jannah Mather, dean of the College of Social Work, will be leaving the U. Since 2000, Mather has brought important changes to the program, including raising money for an addition to the Wilford W. and Dorothy P. Goodwill Humanitarian Building completed in 2008. She also restarted the...

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