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Gaming Corner: “Devil May Cry 5”

(Designed by Ray Gill | The Daily Utah Chronicle)

By Ray Gill, Arts Writer

April 4, 2019

The “Devil May Cry” (DMC) series has never been about mindlessly killing every enemy, but rather how they’re all decimated. Action-adventure games spark a thrill while players get tasks done in an action-packed manner, whether that's in killing enemies, overcoming obstacles or solving mini-puzzle...

To Binge or Not to Binge 43: ‘Carmen Sandiego’

(Graphic by Hannah Allred | The Daily Utah Chronicle)

By Marshall Falkner

February 13, 2019

  “Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?” was a PBS game show back in the ’90s, where kids answered trivia questions about geography, wildlife and history, received clues to guess the whereabouts of a criminal and eventually had a chance to hunt down the elusive character Carmen Sandiego....

Barber: Talk to Strangers

Barber: Talk to Strangers

By Shaelyn Barber

March 19, 2018

I walked into the crowded Cambodian bus station, awaiting my ride back to Phnom Penh. I had been in Kampot only a few days, but the green countryside was revitalizing, and I was ready to dive back into my studies. I was abroad on a Khmer language study, and five weeks into the program, I was exhaust...

Barber: Be Spontaneous

Barber: Be Spontaneous

By Shaelyn Barber

February 10, 2018

Wake up, get dressed, attend class, eat lunch, go to work, do your homework, come home, sleep and repeat. Life can be mundane, and before we know it we are doing the same thing day after day. As we grow older we tend to get stuck in a rut. We develop the ability to think things through and consider the...

Adventure Requires Mental Fitness

(Photo by Tommy Barker)

April 8, 2015

There’s a scale that people use when recreating to describe the amount of pain that will accompany their fun. Type 1 describes activities that are awesome in the moment and enjoyable to think about after. Type 2 is for those that suck but leave you thinking, “Maybe that wasn’t too bad. When should ...

Planning Your “Ultimate Adventure” with a Study Abroad

(Photo by Chris Samuels)

October 22, 2014

  Students embarked on a learning adventure at the Global U Expo Wednesday afternoon. The Expo, held in the Union Ballroom, was a chance for students to learn about study abroad trips. Mitch Conti, a junior in engineering, talked about his study abroad trip in Italy, calling it the “ultimate adventure....

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