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OUR_Ep.47_Craig Wirth_Will Hatton

December 12, 2013

    Johnny McKeon is absent for the first time in the history of 'OUR.'   K-UTE Radio's fearless leader Will Hatton, fills in for Mckeon. 'OUR,' welcomes former K-UTE DJ, Utah broadcast...

OUR_Ep.45_Ryan McDonald_Patrick Ramirez_Steve Mcnelly

November 21, 2013

This episode of Ol’ Ute Radio with Johnny McKeon and Sascha Blume is jam packed with Guests. First up is Sports Editor of the Utah Daily Chronicle, Ryan Mcdonald. Ryan talks about his start in journalism,...

OUR_Ep.44_Dr. Kim Mangun

November 14, 2013

On this episode of 'OUR,' we discuss the topic of journalism with University of Utah's journalism professor Dr. Kim Mangun. Dr. Mangun  is a professor at the U, a journalist and historian. Mangun joined...

OUR_Ep.39_Steve Schmall_Doug O. Perkins

October 10, 2013

Johnny McKeon and Sascha Blume talk about an appearance made by the Utah Jazz Dancers to promote Cancer Awareness. Johnny shares his experiences having to move his hoarder parents. Sascha Blume talks about...

OUR_Ep.38_Dani Powers

October 2, 2013

Johnny McKeon and Sascha Blume start the show wrapping up the K-UTE Lunchbox Concert Series featuring the band “Holy Water Buffalo.” The concert was a success and Sascha and Johnny could not be more...

OUR: SLC Comedy Carnivale

September 28, 2013

    John Hilder is an up and coming comedian who is quickly making a name for himself as one of the funniest and hardest working young comics in America. John was born and raised in the comedic...

OUR_Ep.34_Bob Bedore_Brian Pope

September 5, 2013

Johnny McKeon reveals the results from the Warner Brothers Writers Program. Sascha Blume elaborates on his frustrations with the media industry. Johnny announces the end of his long distance relationship...

The Grateful Dead Show Ep_07

June 23, 2013

A celebration of summer solstice Grateful Dead Live at Chateau d'HerouvilIe on 1971-06-21 (June 21, 1971)   (01)Truckin'(02)Hard To Handle (03)Deal (04)China Cat Sunflower (05)I Know You Rider (06)Morning...

OUR_Ep.23_Vacations and the worst of

June 19, 2013

  Apparently Johnny decided to go on vacation this week. I hope he enjoys his beach getaway. On this week’s episode of OUR, the boys present the best and worst of Ol’ Ute Radio. Thanks for listening...

OUR_Ep.14_Love is in the air

April 18, 2013

Johnny McKeon is excited for the Grand Kerfuffle Concert Featuring Awolnation. Sascha informs the listeners that Fox 13’s own Big Buddha was on campus. Johnny proceeds to gossip about the Budda, and...