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(Courtesy of The Sundance Institute)

Sundance 2023: ‘My Animal’: A Genre Melting Pot of Teen Self-Discovery

By Zach Anderson January 27, 2023

  “My Animal” is a teen-wolf horror LGBTQ+ romance that follows hockey-playing werewolf Heather (Bobbi Salvör Menuez). Heather becomes an outcast due to her familial werewolf curse but finds...

(Courtesy of Lionsgate and G-BASE Entertainment)

‘Plane’: A Soft Landing

By Zach Anderson January 25, 2023

  “Plane,” the latest action-thriller from producer/actor Gerard Butler, follows the star Brodie Torrence, a pilot forced to make an emergency landing on a hostile militarized island. Concerned...

Film Bones and All (Courtesy CNN)

‘Bones and All’ Review: Horror’s Tastiest New Film

By Eliza Delgado November 29, 2022

  Looking for a new coming-of-age movie? Director Luca Guadagnino is back on screen again with Timothée Chalamet alongside Taylor Russell in their new thriller film “Bones and All.” They...

Chef Slowik oversees his sous-chefs (Courtesy of

‘The Menu’: A Grotesquely Gorgeous Gastronomic Thriller

By Audrey Hall, Arts Writer November 27, 2022

  This article contains spoilers for "The Menu."   Prepare to be completely blown away by “The Menu,” a horror film centered around twelve guests who are invited to a remote island...

Dont Worry Darling (Courtesy New Line Cinema and Warner Bros. Discovery)

Is There Much To Worry About, Darling? A ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ Review

By Andre Montoya, Arts Writer October 4, 2022

  In a world run by chauvinistic men where women are seen and not heard and Harry Styles does his best to fit in with actual actors, the movie “Don’t Worry Darling” exists. A Wilde Ride In...

Cast members perform Liminal. (Photo courtesy of Liminal creators)

Meeting in the Middle: The Creators of ‘Liminal’ Discuss Collaboration on the Theatrical Thriller

By Makena Reynolds, Arts Writer May 3, 2022

  As a part of the Department of Theatre’s 2021-22 season, “Liminal” premiered in Studio 115 from Feb. 24-27. With a new script written by Troy Deutsch, an alumni of the Actor Training Program...

When Darkness Falls Across the Land, Odyssey Dance Theatres Thriller is Close at Hand

When ‘Darkness Falls Across the Land,’ Odyssey Dance Theatre’s ‘Thriller’ is Close at Hand

By Megan Fisher, Arts Writer October 20, 2021

  As concertgoers enter the theatre at Kingsbury Hall for Odyssey Dance Theatre's “Thriller," they are not be greeted by ushers, but by dancers tricked out as the undead. Dressed in artfully tattered...

Benicio del Toro and Don Cheadle in No Sudden Move. (Courtesy of Claudette Barius and Warner Bros.)

‘No Sudden Move’ Brings Classic Film Noir Style into the Streaming Era

By Megan Fisher, Arts Writer July 14, 2021

  On a nondescript street in a suburban area of Detroit, Michigan in 1954, a family’s morning routine is disrupted by the appearance of three men, masked and armed. In this tense and terrifying...

(Courtesy Del Rey Books)

Max Brooks’ ‘Devolution’ Depicts Human Nature Through Sasquatch and Volcanoes

By Zoe Gottlieb, Arts Writer October 19, 2020

  A pandemic starts off small. People hone in on news updates, wash their hands regularly and cover their mouths more often when they sneeze. Most people are still under the pretense of “business...

(Graphic by Hannah Allred | The Daily Utah Chronicle)

To Binge or Not To Binge Episode 79: ‘Money Heist’

By Kate Button, Arts Writer, Copy Editor August 13, 2020

  “Money Heist,” or as the series is originally called in Spanish, “La Casa de Papel,” follows eight career criminals as they infiltrate and raid the Royal Mint of Spain. The series is...