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Legislature kills rec center

By By Steve Gehrke and Patrick Muir

January 27, 2006

By Steve Gehrke and Patrick MuirStudents looking to run laps and lift weights may have to stick with the Field House and HPER building after the Utah State Legislature killed a bond request Thursday.In a 5 to 3 vote, the Capital Facilities and Administrative Services Appropriations Subcommittee denied the b...

The Chronicle’s View: Puff, puff-pass

November 18, 2004

There used to be a time when people didn't know smoking was bad for them.In 2004, information on the harm involved with smoking, as well as help on how to quit, are both readily available. One would think there's nothing smokers could process that would leave them at all inclined to puff their lives...

Opinion Cartoon

November 18, 2004

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Respect Majerus, retire his sweater

April 13, 2004

I recently was having a conversation with Andrew Tendick, a lifelong Ute fan and burgeoning intellectual, when he brought up one of his chief concerns. He wondered openly how former U basketball coach Rick Majerus will be remembered by the U and its fan base.We both agreed that the fanfare surrounding...

ROTC program has a successful year thanks to new leader

March 31, 2004

The Army ROTC program has doubled the number of commissioned students requested by the Army this year. According to Col. Edwin Frederick, head of the U's ROTC program, the Army asked the program to commission at least 12 students. In his first year as head of the program, Frederick will commission-o...

SLC residents rank U Hospital No. 1

March 29, 2004

University Hospital has the best doctors, nurses, overall quality, image and reputation in the state. For the fifth year in a row, Salt Lake City residents have ranked U Hospital as the No. 1 health-care facility in the state.The National Research Corporation, which gives out the Consumer Choice Awards, rel...

Good times don’t always mean high prices

March 3, 2004

Being broke sucks. Not being able to have fun sucks even more. But, do not despair-having no dinero doesn't necessarily mean you're doomed to boredom. Close attention to deals and a thrifty eye can ensure a good time at low cost.Lets talk food, shall we?Every Tuesday, as many U students know, B&D Burgers...

Letter to the Editor: ASUU intends to fund religious groups

February 27, 2004

Editor:I write in response to the Feb. 25 article ("ASUU legislators discuss funding groups") and editorial ("Religious groups should be funded by ASUU") in The Daily Utah Chronicle. I would like to clarify a couple of issues.Article IV, Section 3 of The Bylaws of the Associated Students of the Univ...

ASUU strives to increase voter turnout

February 27, 2004

With primary elections for student-body representatives nearing, the Associated Students of the University of Utah is exerting more effort than in recent history to increase voter turnout. By pouring money, time and labor into a beefed-up marketing campaign, student leaders hope to increase voting by 5 per...

Attorney General working to clarify bylaws

February 23, 2004

The case of Natalie Blomquist showed that some clauses in Redbook are confusing and contradictory for the Elections Registrar, party candidates and even Supreme Court justices of the Associated Students of the University of Utah. Colby Harmon, the attorney general for ASUU, has said that he plans to appe...

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