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February 19, 2004

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All the Gun Fuss is Wasted Time and Money

By By [email protected]

February 19, 2004

By [email protected],For at least 2 years now we've been bombarded with the issue of whether or not guns should be allowed on campus, with the Chrony strongly backing former Pres. Machen's stance that guns should be banned on campus.My personal stance would be leaning toward allowing concealed weap...

The Graying of Video Games

October 15, 2002

Today at 6:00 p.m., Graeme Devine, designer and programmer for Id Software and chairman of the International Game Developers Association, will be giving a free lecture in the Engineering and Mines Classroom Building room 105. When I first heard this news, like many of you are doing right now, I asked ...

Letter to the Editor: Editing for Personal Preference

By By Bryan Embley and By Bryan Embley

September 30, 2002

By Bryan EmbleyEditor:After the tasteless mudslinging, Chris Yeates eventually got to his point in his Sept. 26 column, "If You Can't Beat Them, Just Co-opt Them." He claimed that selling edited versions of movies was illegal and unnecessary. He cited the recent lawsuit filed by the Director's Guild of...

Israel May Pull Out of 4 Towns

October 29, 2001

BETHLEHEM, West Bank?Israel will pull out of four more West Bank towns if the Palestinians pledge to stop attacks, Israel's defense minister said Monday, after his forces withdrew from Bethlehem and nearby Beit Jalla. The pullback came despite two Palestinian shooting attacks Sunday in which five Is...

U Teams Place Third, Fourth at Cross Country

October 29, 2001

As the Mountain West Conference season was coming to a close, the University of Utah cross country team had plans to finish the conference meet at least fourth in the men's competition and somewhere around fourth in the women's competition.All objectives were met, and some were surpassed, as the Ute...

Giuliani Asks FBI To Share Evidence

October 29, 2001

NEW YORK?The FBI should be required to share information on efforts to fight terrorism with local law enforcement in the wake of the Sept. 11 attacks, Mayor Rudolph Giuliani said Monday. Testifying in City Hall at a field hearing of the House terrorism subcommittee, Giuliani proposed that Congress pass a l...

Quote of the Day

October 26, 2001

"If you can honestly tell yourself that animals are more important than people, you are a troubled individual."#post_author_author, .post_author_avatar, .post_author_box{ display: none; }...

Hunter, Tate Help Run the Show for U Football Team

October 25, 2001

Most effective football offenses are symbiotic organisms. Both a punishing ground game and a lethal aerial attack generally must work in concert to produce results.After all, without a running back capable of picking up yards rushing, opposing defenses can simply lock up receivers and tee off on the qua...

U Professor Dances, Makes Faces in Ad for KUED 7

October 25, 2001

Dancing around with a book on her head and pulling funny faces, Sociology Associate Professor Theresa Martinez can be seen promoting public television membership on a KUED spot ."I am a long-time supporter of KUED," Martinez said. "It was basically a fun spot showing that we are professionals, but w...

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