Patience: What I’m Going to Miss About Utah


Utah Chronicle File Photo

Utah Chronicle File Photo

By Alisa Patience

For many, this semester is their final semester at the University of Utah. There are several things those students will undoubtedly miss. I’ll be spending a semester in Florida for an internship, so I won’t be in Utah for a few months. I’m already stressed about the change and am taking the time to enjoy everything I will miss.

The first thing I’m going to miss about Utah is the sunsets. On a clear day, Utah has colorful sunsets worth looking at. It’s possibly caused by pollution, but no matter what, they’re interesting and unique.

The second thing I’m going to miss is the dryness of the state. From what I know of Florida, it is like constantly walking through a cloud of mist. Winter in Florida is like summer in Utah, but with more rain.

I’m actually going to miss driving. In Florida, I’ll only be taking the bus. It’s going to be a short distance, and I won’t be in charge of how fast I go or when I switch lanes. During my long commutes every day, I listened to audiobooks, and they helped me with my homework and were way more entertaining than the radio or the sounds of traffic. Driving has also been a stress-reliever for me, and it gave me some much needed me time.

I’m going to miss my full-time school and work schedules. I’m not kidding. School is hard, and the only reason we’re here is so we can stop being here as fast as possible. But honestly, at this point in my life where I’m still learning who I am and how the world works, my busy schedule has given my life structure. Part of the reason I’m going to miss school is because my school is the University of Utah. I’m going to miss a lot of things about the U.

I’m going to miss my professors who are aware of the environmental and social problems of the world. The ones who do their best to do their part to make it better.

I’ll miss the coffee shop Two Creek over in the earth sciences building. It is the only café I’ve ever been to with fresh rose tea, and it arguably has the best pastries on campus. Getting a drink from there made my science classes tolerable.

I’m also going to miss the Marriott Library. In the library, it doesn’t matter where I sit, I’m always the most productive. Having $2 snacks just a couple yards away from me, the ability to print quickly without technical difficulties and the atmosphere of hundreds of other students swarming around me who are also working hard and getting their homework done, makes the library the best place to be on campus for studying. Not to mention the books. I never thought a school library famous for research would have all I need to submerge myself into George R.R. Martin’s world of ice and fire, but it does.

Lastly, I’m going to miss the U’s school spirit. Students here are almost comically dedicated to the U. We throw in a sick burn at BYU whenever possible, we wear red on game days even if we can’t go and there are U puns in every building. It’s nice to be in a school where we respect each other because we’re all students here, if nothing else.

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