ASUU Loses…Yet Again

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The trash talk started early for the ASUU vs. U administration annual softball game Wednesday.

Before 11:00 a.m., Associated Students of the University of Utah President Ben Lowe said, ?The fact of the matter is they don?t stand a chance. They?re slow, old, and most of them can?t even see.?

ASUU Vice President Mike Nelson added to Lowe’s comments, saying his team members could beat the administration with their hands tied behind their backs.

In response to the comments, Assistant Dean of Student Involvement Annie Nebeker commented on Lowe?s height, saying, ?I think we could hit one over Lowe?s head very easily.?

No home runs were hit anyway. The score was 11 to 8 in favor of the administrators. One more victory for the administration in six innings.

?We could have taken them in nine,? Nelson said. ?Everybody knows softball has nine innings?doesn?t it??

Administrators said the six inning rule is part of the tradition.

At the end of the game, Nelson stole the trophy and?while running off?tripped and fell, breaking the base of the trophy. Eventually the trophy was given to Barbara Snyder, vice president for student affairs.

?It is great to see the tradition continue,? Snyder said.

Monday, Dean of Students Stayner Landward walked into the ASUU office faking an injury, according to Lowe.

?I?m very disappointed he would do such a thing,? he said.

Landward denied faking any injury and added he was not worried at all about the outcome of the game.

?Just look at the history,? he said.

The administration has won the last four years in a row. In fact, during the 24-year tradition, ASUU has walked away victorious only nine times.

?The record speaks for itself,? Landward said.

The record is engraved in plaques on the trophy passed back and forth each year.

For the next year, the trophy will collect dust in the dean of students? office again, but not until it is fixed.

Snyder asked Nelson to return the trophy to her after it is fixed.

?These events are a lot of fun,? said Fred Esplin, vice president for university relations. ?The rivalry is always good natured and good fun.?

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