Letter to the Editor

By Amy Romanowski , Junior, French


In response to the comments made by Hal J. Rushton in his Oct. 11 letter in The Daily Utah Chronicle regarding the “consistent pattern of hostility towards members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints which drive a wedge through our community,? I have but one word to impart in his direction? ridiculous.

I wonder if it ever occurred to Rushton that perhaps the individuals responsible for scheduling games in the Mountain West Conference had other things on their mind when they selected a kick-off time (i.e., football).

Many different factors comprise the selection process in such situations. For instance, the University of Utah is not the only university in the Mountain West Conference.

Perhaps Rushton never considered that game times are never subject to such things as religious functions (in any state, at any university), and yes, that does include any LDS church conference.

The Mountain West Conference is not inclined in any way towards a religious group. I can assure Rushton that the LDS church was not being intentionally excluded last Saturday?rather, it was not considered a factor at all.

In life, conflict is inevitable. As a matter of fact, a few weeks ago I was late to our homecoming game here at the U due to an overlapping of the kick-off time and my eyebrow waxing appointment. However, I felt it unnecessary to burden The Chronicle , U students and faculty with a complaint.

The world is full of awful things. The next time you feel compelled to subject The Chronicle’s readers to your whining and ridiculous (there is that word again!) babble, I suggest that you pick a topic that is more socially relevant.

Amy Romanowski , Junior, French