Letter to the Editor: Having Their Cake and Eating it too

By Noall Silvester, Junior, Parks, Recreation and Tourism


I wasn’t surprised at all that Terra Firma is again whining about something, as The Daily Utah Chronicle reported in the Oct. 29 news article “Terra Firma Wants More Money.”

It seems that some people are never totally content with what they are allotted, even if they receive more than everyone else. I must agree with The Chronicle’s house editorial that Terra Firma needs some new fund-raising techniques.

I would also suggest that they internalize the following lesson: Prove to all that you can handle your budget wisely, and then you will have earned the right to ask for more. Until that time, be quiet.

Let me illustrate my point: Issuing fake parking tickets to people who drove their cars to school last month (God forbid!) and using your funds to refill people’s reusable coffee mugs seem to me to be a foolish use of your allotted money.

There are hundreds of other groups on campus that would love to use that extra money you have wasted to do something positive?rather than to tick people off.

So, to you who bark for campus-wide recycling while wasting paper on fake parking tickets, and who scream for animal rights while wearing leather coats and wool hats: Stop whining!

Noall Silvester, Junior, Parks, Recreation and Tourism