Letter to the Editor: Honoring Women in the Name of Truth

By Candice Christiansen, 3rd year practicum counselor, Women?s Resource Center


I write to dispel a major myth regarding violence against women. This is particularly pertinent to last month’s Women’s Resource Center Seeds of Violence program.

It is extremely crucial for people from every culture to critically evaluate the term “violence.”

There are different levels and forms of violence?personally and politically, locally and globally.

To think of violence as being related solely to bloodshed is both a myth and dysfunction of any society.

The impact of society’s cultural norms on acts of violence against women must be considered at the personal, social, local, global, economical, environmental and political levels.

It is naive to think that the objectification and vilification of women from a patriarchal society is not an act of terror in womens’ lives.

Until we begin to acknowledge and accept that violence can be defined broadly within one’s culture, we will never be able to create systematic change.

My presentation on Oct. 2 was never intended to minimize any woman’s horrifying experience of the undeserved violent acts that occur on a daily basis.

My goal has always, and will always, be to dispel any unqualified myths associated with violence against women.

I will continue to speak in honor of those women who have died at the hands of violence.

Candice Christiansen, 3rd year practicum counselor, Women’s Resource Center