Why Ask Y?

“It’s going to be a good game with a lot of emotion. Luke Staley’s going to walk all over Utah.”BYU 45, Utah 21Steve Hansen

“We have Luke Staley?He’s just talented. I want to marry him. He has nice calves.”BYU 34, Utah 14Olivia Spelts

“Luke Staley will run them over.”BYU 42, Utah 17Amy Carlson

“We play everyone tough at home. Plus, Luke’s in the lineup?That’s all we need.”BYU 49, Utah 35Jeff Hall

“We’re going to win just because we have done well. There’s a lot of motivation for a victory.”BYU 28, Utah 21Renee Underwood

“We’re going to dominate. We’re pumped up. Staley’s the man, Doman will dominate?Utah’s not going to know what hit ’em.”BYU 38, Utah 14Dave Card