Letter to the Editor: Carry on With Concealed Weapons

By Jason L. Clark , Sophomore, German and Political Science


The U’s policies toward law abiding students who possess concealed firearm permits is illegal. That is a fact. I have the Utah State Attorney General informal opinion on that subject.

From a legal standpoint, the U is putting itself in a very difficult position.

If there is a rape, assault, murder or shooting and a conceal firearm permit holder is injured or killed because they were following this so-called “policy,” the student or his or her relatives can sue the pants off the university.

I have instructed my family to do so if I am injured or killed on campus. That is not a threat, that is a promise, because the U is in the wrong on this one.

Those students who have concealed weapons permits have passed FBI background checks, gone through training and have absolutely no intent to harm or kill.

It is not the students with concealed weapons permits who are breaking the law.

It is the policy makers, who have no concept of security or what it takes to achieve it, who are endangering the good students of this campus.

The law does not need to be changed!

It is U’s policy that needs to be changed. We are adults, we can handle this.

So as a law-abiding student, I say to all law-abiding students who possess a concealed firearm permit: CARRY ON!

Jason L. Clark , Sophomore, German and Political Science