Police Report: Transient flushed out of MBH, arrested

Lurker arrested?A transient was flushed out of Milton Bennion Hall and ran from security. The police caught and questioned him. He gave the questioning officer false information about his identity, but another officer at the scene recognized the transient from a previous encounter and corrected the deception.The man was arrested on outstanding warrants.

Snowball!?A Sage Point resident reported someone broke her apartment window with a snowball.

I saw the sign?Someone stole a small generator attached to a mobile sign board while the unit was parked at the entrance to the Presidents Circle.

Two women, four men, one “freaked out” incident?Near Heritage Commons student housing, two women were having some trouble with two men when two other men approached them and tried to intervene. Police report conflicting stories from the parties involved, but it seems that one of the men “freaked out” and attacked one of the other men, causing a laceration and fractured cartilage behind his ear. The case is under investigation.

Drinking fountain hate crime?Somehow a drinking fountain in a Gateway Apartments building was pulled off its mounts and away from the wall.

Stolen purse?Someone stole a purse from a van belonging to a caterer at last weekend’s football game.

Last dance with Mary Jane?The police were called to look into a smell of marijuana coming from a student apartment on Fort Douglas.In the end, the police cited five people for marijuana possession.

Checkbook forgery?A student reported someone stole five of her personal checks and forged her signature at various locations around the valley.

Health sciences crimes?A woman brought to University Hospital by ambulance reported cash and a credit card were stolen from her.She suspected this happened some time while she was at the hospital.

From a car parked near the hospital, someone stole a parking permit.

A hospital employee inadvertently left her purse out in her work area and then went about her duties.While she was away, someone stole her purse.

A woman reported someone stole her bag after she had set in on the floor near the hospital’s customer service desk.

From an office in the School of Medicine, someone stole a laptop computer.

Keying a car??A campus employee reported someone made a key-like scratch on his car while it was parked near the Marriott Library.

Thief gets only half way?Someone smashed a window on a car parked in the east village, but took nothing.

12 strange calls?Two women living in student apartments reported receiving 12 “strange” calls in one night. They reported that they had no idea who was making the calls.

On the twelfth day of Christmas my stalker gave to me, 12 strange calls, 11 creepy message, 10 attempts on my life, nine filthy emails, eight hidden cameras, seven creepy letters?and a dead partridge in my tree.

Police tip of the week?Don’t leave your backpacks, wallets or purses under a desk, behind a door or in an unlocked drawer. Take these items with you or lock them up when you leave. Remember, it only takes a thief 30 seconds to steal from you.

These reports occured between Nov. 27 and Dec. 4.

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