Letter to the Editor: Parking Privileges for Rich Donors

By Sommer Larsen, Junior, French, Tim Larsen, Junior, Accounting and Bryan Larsen, Freshman, Architectu


After reading the Jan. 3 news article in The Daily Utah Chronicle entitled, “Talking to Media Gets Parking Employee Fired,” we can think of at least one University of Utah employee who needs to be fired for talking to the media: Transportation and Parking Services Director, Alma Allred.

We were absolutely floored by his admission of giving preferential treatment to family members of rich donors.

Are you kidding me?!

We’re not experts on Constitutional law, but isn’t this a violation of equal protection?

Not that any of this is a surprise to the typical student here at the U.

Since the beginning of time, we have all suspected we are viewed as unimportant by the school’s administration.

Now we finally know that our perceptions are real.

The average student gets parking tickets, but the Huntsmans of the world do not.

What a sham. As if we didn’t already detest parking services enough, now we have to deal with this.

The school’s administration better keep in mind that the biggest donors to the school are us, the nameless mass of everyday students, and that it isn’t “good business” to continue alienating us.

Alma, we look forward to seeing you writing tickets on a mountain bike in the very near future.

Sommer Larsen, Junior, French

Tim Larsen, Junior, Accounting

Bryan Larsen, Freshman, Architecture