Raiders Will Make Way Through AFC

My, how things have turned around in the AFC for two of last year’s Playoff rejects. The Pittsburgh Steelers and the New England Patriots were not predicted to get a first round bye, and I still can’t believe it.

Who would have thought that a team like the Baltimore Ravens would become worse after signing Pro Bowl quarterback Elvis Grbac?

Who would have thought that the Raiders would finish the season with a three-game losing streak and look as if they will never be able to put the wheels back on?

Who cares?

That will never stop me from picking against Kordell “I will never take my team to the Super Bowl” Stewart and, of course, the New England Patriots led by Tom Brady.

The matchups may be tough to call, but you are reading the writing of the best handicapper in the nation, and you can bet on that.

I know all and see all, but all you have to do is call my 900 number, and you will soon be cutting John Huntsman checks when he asks you for a loan?

Now that I sound just like the cheesy idiots that play their commercials over and over on the radio, I will now begin the process of selecting the AFC Champion. Hey, this is better than watching the games.

Wild Card RoundRaiders 27, Jets 10

Yes, I know?the Raiders just lost to the Jets. However, they shot themselves in the foot with a horrible kicking game, and a horrible attempt at throwing the ball.

It will be different now that the Raiders know what Vinny Testaverde is all about. Here’s the new game plan: Drop back all D-lineman and just wait for Vinny to kill his team by throwing it right at you.

It works every time, and it will be the downfall of the Jets, and the start of a great run for the Raiders.

Ravens 2, Dolphins 0

This may be the worst game of all time, or as the old-time fans like to call it, “a classic defensive struggle.” Hmm, two lousy offenses do not equate to a defensive struggle, just bad football.

The Ravens wish they could have Jamal Lewis carrying the ball for them instead of Terry Allen, or at least that they could have kept Priest Holmes, who won the NFL rushing title.

However, Lamar Smith is going to be easy to contain, and Chris Chambers and Oronde Gadsden will not tear apart the Ravens’ secondary.

The only points of the game will be scored when Dolphins punter Matt Turk slips in his own end zone as time expires.

Conference SemifinalsSteelers 15, Ravens 7

You are probably wondering how the hell the Ravens will score a point in this game. It’s quite simple?Kordell Stewart.

Stewart has thrown 6 interceptions in his last three games, and that will not stop against the Ravens, although he did torch them to clinch the division title.

One of the picks he throws will go back for a touchdown and that will be the Ravens’ only points of the afternoon. Kris Brown will go 5 -for- 8 on field goal attempts, and you will not see an offensive touchdown this game.

Raiders 21, Patriots 17

Tom Brady will get a huge dose of reality when he tries to throw the ball against defensive backs such as Charles Woodson, Tory James and Eric Allen. However, the safeties for the Raiders are horrible, and will be the reason the Patriots score some points.

That and the fact the Raiders’ run defense is atrocious, and Antowain Smith should have a big day.

However, Rich Gannon should be efficient enough to tear apart the New England secondary and put up some points early. The Raiders will hold on for the victory.

AFC ChampionshipRaiders 31, Steelers 21

Oh yes, the Raiders will have redemption when they head into Pittsburgh and take them out right in front of the Steeler fans.

The “Bus,” Jerome Bettis will have over 100 yards, but Kordell will throw at least 3 picks, and that will be all for the Steelers’ dream season.

Either way, it’s all academic. The Rams are going to tear apart the Raiders in the Super Bowl.

I have just given you the most accurate prediction of all the games. Trust in me and head down to Wendover and place your mortgage on the betting table and you will be livin’ large.

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