Letter to the Editor: Flag Burning Promotes Negativity

By Jared Clay, 2nd Year, School of Medicine


This letter regards the April 17 Chronicle news story “Student Threatens to Burn Flag for Class Discussion.”

Kudos to David Reichner for his action regarding the potential flag burning in his Freedom of Expression class on Tuesday.

Granted, the other students meant well in attempting to sway Mr. Martin, but the end result would have been a ball of not-so-patriotic flame had that been Martin’s intention.

David commendably found a simple, non-violent way to effect a positive change of (perceived) circumstances before the negative act took place.

I consider it only a minor exaggeration to compare Mr. Reichner’s actions to those of the airline employees and passengers who subdued Richard Reid before he could carry out his heinous act.

If this type of attitude were employed more frequently, we would most certainly have more responsible citizenship, safer communities, and more trust in each other.

People wouldn’t stand around watching fathers beat each other to death at their children’s hockey matches, and victims of abuse would no longer have their screams answered by deaf ears and turned heads.

Oh, and for the students who wished Mr. Martin had burned the flag, I cordially invite you to parasitize a different country.

Jared Clay, 2nd Year, School of Medicine