Letter to the Editor: Take the Union Back from Chartwells

By By Don MacAngus and By Don MacAngus

By Don MacAngus


I am a student at the U law school, and I just paid my tuition, so of course I have no money.

Anyway, the other day I was studying, which is the story of my life these days, and I thought I would walk over to the Union and grab a slice of pizza and some water.

Five bucks! I could have gone to The Pie and gotten a better deal! I could have gone to Burger King and got a Whopper value meal and saved a dollar fifty!

The purpose of the Student Union is to provide a service to the students who are already paying through the nose to be here as it is! It is not the purpose of the Student Union to make huge profits or to allow particular contractors access to a closed market!

Students have the right to expect a decent value when they use the facilities provided to them on campus. This is especially true when you consider that part of their tuition goes to fund these facilities.

We don’t need services like this when they are charging us the same as it costs at the airport or at a Jazz game. It’s time to throw the greedy contractors out.

Don MacAngusGraduate Student, Law School