Before blasting Hill, make sure your facts are right

By [email protected]

In response to Neff’s letter to the editor: “Utah Athletics Director Thinks he’s King of Hill”

First, it was Jim Copeland who hired Hill, not Arnie Ferrin. I’m fairly sure both Jim and many other Utah fans are ecstatic with that decision.

Moreover, Hill hired both Majerus and McBride; therefore, how can you say that he has his job because of basketball’s and football’s success. If I’m not mistaken, both Majerus and McBride would not have been here, if not for Hill’s keen sense of good coaches.

With Hill at the helm, Utah athletics has prospered over the years. Here are just a few of Hill’s accomplishments: the Eccles tennis center, the Smith center for weight training, the Burbidge academic center, the Dumke gymnastic center, the Ute soccer field, the new practice baseball field, and not to mention Rice-Eccles stadium. Utah was nationally ranked in top 20 in US News and World Report this year for outstanding athletic departments that value athletics as well as academics.

Even if McBride has a salary paralleled to that of a computer engineer living in San Francisco, I’m sure that an engineer could have coached the Utes better this year. Really, how hard is it to run on 1st down, again on 2nd, and throw on 3rd? It doesn’t take a genius to figure out the Utes offense over the past few years. Why do you think we were unable to get past half field against Michigan and Arizona during parts of those games? It seems to me that Mac coaches his team not to win, but rather, not to lose.

Furthermore, comparing Majerus to McBride is like comparing apples and oranges. Sure Majerus gets paid more than McBride, but don’t you think there are reasons why? I have lived in Salt Lake City for 6 years and have had the privilege of watching the Utes basketball program go to the sweet 16, the elite 8, the final 4, and the NCAA championship game, while with football I have watched a bunch of undisciplined players fumble, take terrible penalties, and get arrested. What astonishes me is that they are not disciplined for their mistakes on or off the field.

Chris Hill’s firing of coach Mac was the best thing for Utah football. It’s too bad it didn’t happen two years ago when the Utes were 4-7. The only reason Mac wasn’t fired then was out of respect for his past coaching efforts.

Although Mac’s firing was a combination of the Utes record over the past few years and a major decrease in ticket sales, one reason that has seemed to be overlooked is the fact that the Utes are a boring and predictable football team to watch. Most fans didn’t show up to games because watching the team play over the past years has been like watching grass grow.

Sure Mac is a great guy, and a great recruiter, but it’s tough to be a winner when your team walks all over you.

Great Decision AD

Ryan ForsythGraduate StudentLaw