Letter to the Editor: Olympics and American Indians

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While this argument may be a little outdated, I was reminded of our hosting of the 2002 Winter Olympic Games when I read Jim Bergstedt’s Feb. 24 opinion column, “Sorry, But The Olympics Aren’t Coming Back.”

While Bergstedt did not mention anything about what I have to say, his column brought back memories of something I had a problem with during the Olympics.

While the Opening Ceremonies were beautiful and certainly a tribute to our country’s Native American culture, I felt that they were very unrepresentative of the feelings our nation seems to have for Native Americans.

It was displayed that we, as a whole, respect their culture and their traditions. In my experience, however, this is certainly NOT the case.

I am sure that no one needs to be told of the atrocities our government has imposed on the Native Americans. We stole their land and battled with them for decades and sent them to reservations “out of the goodness of our hearts.”

Our treatment of the people that were indeed in this country first is pathetic and cruel. And I resent seeing our government send a portrayal to the world that says the United States has nothing but the utmost respect for this beautiful culture.

Lili Schmidt

Junior, Psychology