Campaign Confusion

By [email protected]

Dear Editor:

As Mayor of the University Student Apartment Resident Council I feel the need to clarify the issues in Adam Benson’s, “Parties Continue to Debate Campus Issues.” I feel that it is essential that the married students and students with families understand exactly who did what and for whom.

First, let’s address security and lighting. Last year, ASUU gave $7,000 (through the Legislative process) to the University Student Apartments for the purchase of more security equipment. Thus, neither party had anything to do with these funds. But it is important to note that both parties feel it essential to provide additional fudning for security measures.

Second, playground equipment and community area improvement. The University Student Apartments are old and the facilities and equipment are outdated and need to be updated. Thus, the Resident Council created a playground bill to present to ASUU for fuding for these facilities. It is important to note that the “ALL ABOARD” party candidates attended the Senate and Assembly meetings where this bill was presented. The candidates offered their support and both Adrian Johnson and Anthony White offered to speak in behalf of the bill. Here is where the candidates show themselves to be true individuals. Not on voting day, but on the days prior to and after voting day. Just to clarify, the Summit party candidates did not attend any of these meetings and had nothing to do with this legislation. The bill was the work of the Resident Council and the Council should have credit as such.

Third, the University Student Apartments currently do not have high speed Internet. This is a huge problem for a large portion of University Student Apartment residents. Both parties have agreed to look into this problem, but neither party has yet to find a solution.

I urge married students, students with families, and frankly, all students to make an informed decision when voting for an ASUU party. Do more than grab a free bagel. Take the time to attend the debates, read the platforms, examine the websites, and take an active role — because ASUU can and does have an impact on the lives of married students and their families, especially those who live on campus.

Sincerely,April HeiseltResident Council Mayor