Letter to the Editor: Campaign Signs Out of Control

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I was walking to my car from the library today and I stopped at the cross section between the library and the OSH buildings. From that spot alone, I counted 78 white ASUU signs informing the students about voting this election season. I reflected for a moment on why ASUU would have 78 of these white signs, 3 to 4 yards apart, facing all directions to inform students of the same thing. Certainly ASUU wasn’t trying to create a picket fence.

I also noticed in the March 10 Chronicle that only 3,000 students voted in the primary election out of a possible 25,000 or so. Understandably, more people ought to vote. Student government is an important bridge between the university and us little guys. I am assuming that ASUU wonders why people are not voting. Does ASUU really believe students are unaware of the fact that elections are happening? If that is the case, one sign should do, not 78!

I question candidates’ logical thinking skills. I believe that people are fully aware that elections are happening without having 78 signs within 50 yards from one campus corner. Maybe students are too busy to vote, or quite possibly, it could be that the students simply don’t care to vote, or maybe they are making a statement about frivolous spending on the part of ASUU. I vote “NO” to the way ASUU is spending our money. All I am asking is isn’t it possible to limit the number of signs and spend money on more important university programs? With the number of signs that I saw, everyone who votes will be able to take a sign home and display it nicely over their desks that will soon hold letters informing them of when their next student loan payments are due.

Simon Pugh

Junior, Psychology