5th Quarter party celebrates U victory for the first time

By By John Boyack

By John Boyack

The Associated Students of the University of Utah kicked off its 5th Quarter celebration after last night’s U football victory over California.

The party was held at the Olympic Legacy Plaza on the south end of Rice-Eccles Stadium.

Approximately 600 students showed up for the event, despite the record crowd of 46,678 at the game.

Even so, organizers seemed pleased with the turnout for the 5th Quarter-which was in its first run ever.

PJ Maile, Bryant Davis, Sione and Charles Latu and David Ta’e were headed out the gates of the stadium last night, without the intention of sticking around, only because they had heard nothing about the event.

The five friends come from Rose Park where, according to them, little information regarding the football game and the after-party was available.

Others celebrated in grand fashion, like Taylor Link, who said, “U-Tizzle, fo’ shizzle [gets the] w-nizzle against Cal-sizzle,” then continued his celebration by pounding noise sticks on the bodies of his surrounding peers.

A few Gulf War veterans were in attendance, and according to them, enjoying themselves thoroughly. Coming from the VA Hospital, Michael Maui mentioned how enjoyable the party was after the end of an equally thrilling game.

When asked, many students did not seem to have any intention of attending the party, and many looked surprised to hear that the event was taking place altogether.

After their win over Weber State, a few of the soccer players stopped in at the 5th Quarter party to observe the effectiveness of the party in hopes of increasing further fan participation.

“It helps,” said junior defender Tracy Stratton.

Sofia Limgos, ASUU director of communication said, “Everybody’s pumped.”

If last night’s event is viewed as successful by ASUU, student leaders hope to make it a tradition at the U, organizers said.

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