Two breasts go missing

Two prosthetic breast implants were recently stolen from the Madsen Health Clinic storage room.

Because there was no evidence of forced entry, U police were led to believe the implants could merely have been misplaced. July was the last time inventory was taken and the implants were accounted for.

However, due to the implants’ value of $550 each, U Police Detective Mike McFarland said, “they could have been stolen. They’re pretty pricey.”

The clinic refused to comment on the incident.

Skateboarder bashing

U police took custody of a man who had been detained by a Utah Transit Authority officer after trying to stab a skateboarder.

Allegedly, the man had lunged at the skateboarder with a knife.

U Hospital providing loans?

A U hospital employee was reportedly taking cash from a receipts drawer.

To cover the amount, the man wrote personal checks and placed them in the drawer.

However, his personal account did not have a sufficient balance to cover the money taken.

No vacancy for criminals

After an officer pulled a woman over for a routine traffic stop, he discovered she had an outstanding warrant. He arrested her and attempted to book her into the county jail, but the jail refused to admit her because they were over capacity. The officer then drove the woman to her Salt Lake City home and released her.

Compiled by Cara Wieser