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!!!I believe this is where I send Opinion Letters to the editor in response to events on campus. Thank you for your time.P.s feel free to correct any grammatical errors. Is it possible to find out when this will be published

I recently transferred to the University of Utah from a different university. I like the atmosphere of the school in Salt Lake City, although it seems that the U of U caters only to the extremely liberal student body population and ignores the conservative and moderate minded students. For instance, there is widespread advertisement of the lecture by Elisabeth Birch who spoke about homosexual relationships, and the U gay pride week. This is understandable considering that there is a widespread base of political ideologies among the student body population, although at present it appears excessive. I like the diversity of opinion that can be found constantly among students and teachers, but it seems as though there is a subtle fight against conservative political persuasions. Growing up out of state I was seen a variety of people cooperate in the same community without the animosity that seems to be apparent at this school. If this extremely liberal atmosphere is presented continuously without a balance, the university could push away present and future students who want a school that offers a balance of diversity, and not a resentful, contentious institution of higher education.Benjamin SessionsEconomics MajorJunior