Nuclear Waste

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The one year anniversary of the 2003 Blackout will be upon us on August 14th. The Secretary of the Department of Energy Abraham met with Herb Dhaliwal, the Energy Representative from Canada at the time. Spencer Abraham declared, ‘We will not provide the public with an incomplete picture. We will follow the facts wherever they take us. We will not jump to conclusions. This process will take some time.’ Nearly one year later Spencer Abraham has left us with an incomplete picture and no conclusions. DTE in Michigan is clamoring to raise electric rates even though they played no small part in the blackout and are subsidized by the Federal Government through nuclear power programs. Within the last week Spencer Abraham spoke in Vienna about ‘dirty’ bombs, ‘Where 100 years ago authorities had to worry about the anarchist placing a bomb in the downtown square, now we must worry about the terrorist who places that bomb in the square, but packed with radiological material.” He threw half a billion dollars on the table to fight the ‘radiological’ threat. That is the branch of medicine that deals with the use of radioactive substances in diagnosis and treatment of disease. His answer to this ‘global’ problem is to collect all of the radioactive medical waste in the world and dispose of it here in the United States. Where once this Administration feared the role of World Policeman for our country, they now pursue the role of World Garbageman.


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