Bowling for Calendar

June 30Our pick for the middle of the week is, but of course, Park City’s Suede. They’ve been putting on pretty underpublicized shows with rather underrated bands all summer so far and people still don’t have any idea. Then again, it might be better that way-for a bar/club, Suede is spacious, swank and has a relatively diverse crowd, not to mention cheap drinks. Keep the secret to yourself, and tune into reggae-funk-ska-rock-whatever outfit Ellipsis at around 8 p.m. It doesn’t hurt that they’ve been the talk of the New Orleans music scene for a few years now, either. Oh yeah: Get your tickets at the door, Cochise.

Still get the Park City scares? That’s okay, RUSH will be your Wednesday Knight in Shining Armor and Lots of Polmede. RUSH! We can feel the blast from the past on our necks now. And it’s cold. So, so cold. USANA/Smith’s Tix. You know the routine. Show up at around 7:30. RUSH!

July 1 What’s so legendary about Brit group The Legendary Pink Dots, who play at In The Venue tonight? Well, they’ve been around for 20 years, are still (by mainstream standards) unknown and keep playing high-profile gigs wherever they go. Or maybe it’s the 25-plus records they’ve produced. Or maybe it’s their intricate soundscapes that lie under well-crafted, tripped-out rock compositions, if you will. Decide for yourself at around 7:30 p.m. Tickets at all Smith’s Tix outlets.

July 2 Not that we’re allowed in Ogden with all these outstanding warrants and whatnot…but, uh, if we could snake by that pesky Johnny Law guy, we might go see classic rock legends Blue Oyster Cult out at the Ogden Amphitheater to relive the days when we were allowed out in Ogden…allowed to be free, man! Right, Dad? Tickets at Smith’s Tix.

July 3Everyone can find something to do on a Saturday night, but a Saturday morning? It’s not just for sleeping anymore. The downtown Farmer’s Market runs from around 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Pioneer Park at 300 South and 300 West. Some of the best food and produce in town can be found there for cheap, and the market shuts down in October, so we say get in while the going’s good. Already ate? There’s an arts market attached to it-the digtakes up the entire park. We promise you’ll find something to like about it, if nothing other than the entire thing being devoid of admission costs.

July 4 It’s Independence Day. Somewhere (in your neighborhood), somebody (probably all of your friends) is out having a get-together (fireworks, barbecue, drinks) for the night. And if you’re friendless, just pretend like you aren’t, and invite those imaginary friends over! They’ll appreciate the fireworks, too. But seriously, if you can’t find something to do tonight, you deserve to be bored.

July 5 Once again, Suede is the place this Monday. Couldn’t make it to Tuesday’s Dead show at USANA? Can’t get enough? Cosmic Charlie claims to be one of the best Grateful Dead cover bands around, touting multiple sets and two drummers as part of its schtick. We’ll fall for it – it’s $30 cheaper than a Dead ticket.

July 6 Death Cab For Cutie isn’t coming, but Barsuk Records labelmates Aveo are. Not only that, but they’re coming to Kilby Court, too. So, let’s put this together- Death Cab labelmates with infectious semi-pop indie sound stop by Kilby Court and nobody we’ve talked to really has any idea who they are. One more time: Death Cab labelmates, Kilby Court, nobody knows-you should be at this show, seeing as how everyone will wish they were in six months when an Aveo song pops up on “The O.C.” We’re not joking. We don’t joke with stuff like this.