Engineers show off their toys

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Engineering students seized the opportunity offered by last Friday’s Engineering Day to display their talents and show campus their solar cars and a wind tunnel, among others.

The daylong event sprawled across the plaza of the EMCB building where booths, grills and gizmos attracted passing students.

While non-engineering students were encouraged to attend, Engineering Day was more about establishing a sense of community and a source of motivation for students who are already studying in the college.

“Spending so much time buried in books and classwork, it’s easy for students to lose sight of why they became an engineer,” said development officer Jolie Coleman. “Hopefully, Engineering Day will show that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.”

Baja cars, all-terrain wheelchairs and an XBox center were just a few of the attraction’s entertaining guests.

Utah’s first Solar Vehicle Design Team displayed and discussed its work for an automobile powered entirely by solar panels, which they will use in a cross-country race next July.

Games such as “guess what’s in the goo” and “how high will this 22-pound rubber band ball bounce?” were balanced by tours of a nuclear reactor, electron microscope and wind tunnel.

“We want to get engineering students out here so they can step back and put things in perspective,” said Engineering Day committee chairperson Jesse Barton.

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